Obvious Ventures makes CBD sporty with beam, which sells cannabis products to the GNC set

Athletes looking to take a break from all their obsess over drug drugs and anyone who’s longing to try out the new cannabinoid-based managements for their conditions( without worrying about potentially coming dosed with some THC) can now turn to beam.

The Boston-based company founded by two former players( who were friends at Boston College) is pitching a concoction that’s 100% CBD sourced from hemp floras without any of the psychoactive ingredients that are found in tetrahydrocannabinol.

Matt Lombardi, a former minor league hockey player and serial industrialist, and Kevin Moran, who dallied baseball in the minors before taking an enterprise software auctions task, launched the company back in 2018.

The longtime athletes both were intrigued by cannabis-based therapies and their likelihood as an alternative to the chemically descended pain relievers and anti-inflammatories that could have severe side effects or result in addiction. But they also wanted products that would not be defiled with the psychoactive ingredient in dope that could induce problems for useds in certain states.

So they developed a make set by working with multiple independent laboratories to guarantee its makes were free of heads, heavy metal music and pesticides, the company said. That devotion to purity has led the company to sign agreements with fitness pros like Mat Fraser, Brooke Wells, Tia-Clair Toomey and Mikaela Mayer.


Beam founders Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran

The company currently sells three strands of products — cannabinoid-infused lubricants, which sell for anywhere from $60 to $140; a cannabinoid-infused salve that retails for $60; and protein prohibits with cannabinoid pulverizations, which penalty between $25 and $45. The forbids, petroleums and salve can be sold in every state and ordered online, according to the company.

” At the high standards we look at being a performance wellness company ,” says Lombardi.

While the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, concoctions infused with freshly legal cannabinoids ought to have surging in the market recently. Not a daylight goes by that some startup isn’t launching a cannabis-infused brand touting its health and wellness benefits.

Beam appears to differentiate itself through its focus on testing and the purity of its makes, along with an approaching that’s is targeted at the health and fitness busines. There is likely to be other produces coming down the pike that will increase the company’s focus on tailoring its provides to meet performance needs, says Lombardi.

” We’re launching some blend products that will be purpose-driven for different expend subjects ,” he said.

The company has also managed to land some venture capital patronage to pursue its imagination as Obvious Ventures came in to lead a$ 5 million grain round into the company.

” At Obvious, we be suggested that natural cannabinoids prop the promise for significant health benefits. We marked beam as a stand-out in a crowded countryside for their make innovation, stringent focus on quality and ensuring zero THC content in those products and their amazing proliferation within the fitness community ,” said Obvious co-founder James Joaquin, in a statement released.” We also think that the pro-athlete pasts of both beam’s co-founders have informed a peculiar entrepreneurial skill, putting beam on a quick trajectory towards profitability .”

Obvious obviously has a recent track record of successful investments that point to an awareness of what’s on the horizon for consumers. The conglomerate was an investor in Beyond Meat, whose start has altered the market for plant-based flesh substitutes.

Joaquin participates another successful recent exit, from the portfolio fellowship Olly, as the closest parallel to the thesis behind beam.” It’s very similar to the work that we did ,” he says.

Olly, which had a line of health supplements, was sold to Unilever for the purposes of an undisclosed amount the beginning of this year.

With the money in hand, ray is now thinking about the next phase of product development, which will be the launch of two different commodities — a daytime merge and a nighttime combination. The company intends to roll out additional functional commodities over occasion, says Lombardi.


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