Amazon Music arrives on Apple TV

Amazon Music is available on the Apple TV, including both the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV HD leading tvOS 12.0 or later, Amazon announced this morning. The launching is another example of the easy antagonisms between the two challengers, who finally came to an agreement to support each other’s streaming media services on their respective platforms.

With the new Amazon Music app for Fire TV, purchasers will gain access to millions of ballads and thousands of playlists and stations, including Amazon Music’s version of Spotify’s” Rap Caviar ,” which it calls” Rap Rotation .” Users will likewise be able to browse and investigation music from their favorite artists, as well as access all their purchased and imported music offered in their” My Music” library, says Amazon.

This latest launch follows the debut of Apple Music on Fire TV back in March, and is now one of various examples of the two companies playing nice with one another.

Last year, for example, Amazon expanded its array of Apple inventory to include other machines besides Apple TV — like iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch and Beats headphones. It also raised its FreeTime Unlimited app to iOS. Meanwhile, Apple Music arrived on Echo devices last year.

Plus, you’ve been able to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV since December 2017. And with the upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service, Apple promises a cross-platform suffer, which includes Fire TV.

But the new app’s launch is notable for another reason, as well.

Apple today is in the crosshairs of several antitrust investigations worldwide, including in the E.U ., Russia, and the U.S.

Spotify, including with regard to, has been calling out Apple for its suspect anti-competitive behavior, like charging the so-called ” Apple tax” on Spotify’s in-app dues when it sells a competitor busines with Apple Music, or for having too much control over if and when Spotify can secrete app updates. As a part of Apple’s defense, it’s been showcasing how it allows opponents on its stage .

The addition of Amazon Music to Apple TV will be another example it can now point to, alongside the arrival of Spotify to Apple TV only a few days ago.

The brand-new Amazon Music app is live in the Apple TV App Store in the U.S ., UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Japan, and India.

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