How Each Zodiac Sign Procrastinates


You scroll through every single social media accounting you own. Sometimes, you even reread the same statuses and look at the same word-paintings. You don’t really care about the content. You precisely care about killing time.


You eat whatever is in your lockers. When you’re not in the mood to get any work done, your first stop is always your fridge. Your munchies help with the stress.


You fall asleep. If you were wide awake, then you would feel guilty about not going any study accomplished. Napping is your loophole. It gives you a flout from the stress.


You pace around the room. You burn your fingernails. You get mad at yourself for how futile you’re being — but you don’t change a thing. You waste more meter fretting than you would have spent completing the actual tasks.


You text everyone on your contact directory. You try to distract yourself with discussions. You might even acquire projects with your friends and absolutely give up hope of getting anything attained that day.


You clean, tidy, and plan. Even when you’re procrastinating, you’re still beneficial in different areas of your life. It’s a win-win in a way.


You bingewatch Netflix evidences or YouTube videos. You take your knowledge off your own problems by focusing on the problems of your favorite courages. You are an expert in escapism.


You skim internet commodities or speak whatever work is on your Kindle. That method, you can still say you’re being productive. You can still say you’re learning. Even though you aren’t traversing a single thing off your to-do list.


You play video games — or with apps on your telephone. You need mindless entertainment in order to keep yourself from “ve been thinking about” the long index of errands you still haven’t finished.


You blast music and offset new playlists. You let your favorite straps take you away for a few hours so you don’t have to think about its own responsibility. It’s not the best plan, but it tranquilizes you down.


You doodle. It’s the same thing you used to do in class, except now you do it in its term of office or on your kitchen counters.


You only sit there in silence, “ve been thinking about” how much you have to get done without actually doing any of it.


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