50 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

1. Where are outlets situated for a photo booth?

2. Are you allowed to throw confetti/ rose petals/ sprinkles on the quality?

3. Is parking available? Do patrons have to pay to park?

4. Is there an alternate member, indoor infinite in case of bad weather?

5. Are we allowed to ignited candles in our centerpieces or sparklers for our grandiose depart?

6. What brands of alcohol do you provide? Is there a’ no shoot’ policy?

7. Do you furnish sit-down dinners or buffets?

8. Is the building handicap accessible?

9. Are we allowed to drop off any of our medallions ahead of time or do we have to do everything on the actual wedding day?

10. Are we will be possible to wreaking our pets?

11. How early is impossible to arrive to be implemented and make photos before the wedding?

12. Is there a cost for reserve outside merchants who aren’t an integrated part of your boxes?

13. Is there a guest minimum?

14. What is the guest capacity?

15. How many lavatories are there? Where are they pinpointed?

16. How numerous marries do you regard here per date?

17. Are we allowed to hang medallions on the walls?

18. Are we allowed to bring our own guzzles?

19. Is there a designated smoking region? Are cigars accepted?

20. Do you require table numbers/ region placards/ menu? Or do we have to create our own?

21. Are we allowed to hold our recital dinner now?

22. Do you have a reverberate/ illuminating method? Can you accommodate a DJ/ live strip/ iPod?

23. Do you have any vegan/ vegetarian meal options?

24. Do kids expenditure the same price as adults?

25. Is there a corkage fee? Is there a patty chipping fee?

26. How many patrons can sit at each table?

27. Are there any restricted areas where we aren’t allowed to take photos or video?

28. Are linens included? If so, what colours are available?

29. Do you cater valet busines or a coat check work?

30. Are we allowed to park food trucks outside?

31. Is the locating easily available for Ubers and Lyfts?

32. Are there any other affairs going on around city the date of our wed that would affect traffic?

33. Is there air conditioning/ heating?

34. Will the staff help us set up and break down our medallions? Or do we have to handle everything on our own?

35. Are there any hide costs?

36. Where can we read refreshes about you online?

37. How many times will we be touring before the wedding to finalize our designs?

38. Are there any sound regulations?

39. What era do we need to be off the dimension and have the music turn out?

40. How numerous people can fit on the dance flooring at once?

41. What happens in case of a dominance outage? Do you have backup generators?

42. Who will be assisting me on our bridal date?

43. Is a cake perceiving included, free of charge?

44. How long have you been in this business?

45. What type of floor plan do you recommend?

46. Are gifts included in the price?

47. Are we allowed to hang anything from the ceiling?

48. Are we allowed to give alcohol as a party favor?

49. Do you have any inn to recommend to special guests?

50. What does the payment plan look like?


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