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Well friends, as if it wasn’t torture fairly that last week was NOT the climax, ABC has decided to drag out 19 times of new footage into three hours tonight. THREE Hours! As if I have not relinquished enough for this show once! Free time, relationships, stability, sleep, and giant gobs of my hair, all gone, in the name of “love.” I hope they know what I do for them. Shall we get on with it so we can finally find out which pair will get pretend married next season?

As a refresher, last week on Bachelor in Paradise , some duos curved goodbye to each other, some couples to stay in a van, and some marries matched up in an breeze conditioned inn chamber in a planned that was obviously not plotted by makes. We’re left with the motley crew of Dylan& Hannah, Katie& Chris, Nicole& Clay, and Demi& Kristian.


We start out on stage with Chris Harrison. He tells us that we’re lastly going to see the end of these stunning beloved narrations. Is it too much to hope that they all end like Fatal Attraction ?

We jump right back into Paradise with the fantasy collection dates. Katie starts her gender date by immediately saying “so what are we, ” so she seems enjoyable. Chris tells her tits that he is in love with them, and looking forward to spending the future and also this evening with them.

They agree to go to the fantasy suite and is this not a monumental waste of time? If they weren’t going to the fantasy suite, wouldn’t they have already gone home? This part could have been cut. I just got this occurrence down to two hours, 55 minutes.

Cut to Dylan and Hannah. They agree they want to invest forever with one another, or, very, Dylan says he wants to spend forever together and Hannah agrees, at least until she propels her next Paradise -themed presets. How sweet.

Demi and Kristian love each other. Great, I’ve written that in every single recap this season. THIS IS NOT NEWS PEOPLE, CUT IT. 2 hours, 50 minutes.

Now we’re at Nicole and Clay. Nicole is so excited. Clay tells his lap that this is so real now. He tells his lap there are things he still needs to talk about. He tells his sip he still has reservations.

Clay opens the fantasy suite card AND TURNS IT DOWN. He wants to think on it. Nicole is pissed and knocks him out of the office. Hopefully Dean’s van is still idling outside, Clay!

Nicole gapes unhappily into the distance, as the resort places off fireworks. Are they spelling out the words “he’s really not into you” or am I beginning to see things?

It’s the morning. Nicole wakes up alone and infuriated, aka me daily. She matches up with Chris Harrison back at the sea. She’s wearing a white dress. I don’t think you’re going to need one of those any time soon, sweetie.

They meet down on the engagement storey. Nicole admits her feelings for Clay. He sweats. She expects him if he affection her. He sweats. He says he’s starting to fall in love with her, but he’s not ready to move in or anything serious, idol no, but maybe we are to be able to carpool out of there together? Again, he sweats.

Nicole, about herself:
She leaves alone, but with her dignity. You proceed, girl! And at least you have that life-time equip of Halo Top they “ve given you” at The Women Tell All to binge on when you get home.

Clay simulates he is upset, but we all know he’s counteracted, right? He wants to stop at the pub for a celebratory beer? I don’t think they call them inns though, it’s f* cking Mexico, bro. Can’t you get anything right?

Chris and Katie wake up together. They’re doing a great job of impersonating they’re happy together. They congregate down on the engagement storey. All this wakeup meter is unnecessary. Take this filler out of the incident and now I’ve compiled it 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Chris says he isn’t sure what he’s going to do, but he’s just going to go with his nerve and how he feels in the moment. Exsqueeze me? He’s going to make a game time decision on A PROPOSAL ?! I make a game day decision on whether to get an require of the mozzarella protrudes or to get two orders of the mozzarella sticks, but I don’t truly think it’s cool to do that on a decision that includes merging bank accounts. Where do they find these nerds?

Chris tells Katie he realise her in his forever, AND HE Get DOWN ON ONE KNEE. So I predict he’s going with the proposal, then. Surely this is a mistake. I think your gut was actually saying mozzarella remains, Chris.

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We’ve built it to the Dylan and Hannah portion of the evening. He knows he is going to propose. They congregate on the date floor.

Dylan starts off the convo by confessing his feelings- isn’t she supposed to start? Don’t you want to know how she feels before you get down on one knee and jostle a haphazardly-chosen diamond peal that she’ll replace subsequently in her face?

Oh wait, he’s letting her talk. Hannah tells him she is ready to offset him her priority, but she’s likewise frightened because a notoriety starving maiden hurt her feelings a couple of months ago. It seems to me like she is saying she doesn’t want to get proposed to. Dylan does it anyways, exploiting her middle list in a hopeles attempt to prove to me that he knows the bare minimum about this woman. I don’t believe it. She says yes. This is how divorces start, folks.

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Oh, Hannah. That’s not a smile. That’s sheer terror manifesting itself on a face.

Now it’s Demi and Kristian’s turn. They fill on the involvement floor, blinding each other with the whiteness of their teeth. They acknowledge their compassion for each other. Demi gets down on one knee and requests Kristian to marry her. She says yes! Now can we get a producer over here to help Demi get up? Those are some HIGH heels.

Kristian : You have to get a ring, too
Neil Lane:
Okay, we have finished hour one and now we have TWO MORE Hours OF AFTER THE FINAL ROSE !! Why do these beings deserve to find love, and I deserve to watch mind-numbing reality tv for an exorbitant amount of hours? Where did I go wrong?


Chris Harrison initiates us to the Paradise assign, all of whom are now on place ready to fight for their right to appear on another spinoff.

Oh good, they’re showing us clips from the season we literally just watched. This is likely to be chipped. We’re down to 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Chris Harrison wants to talk about Jordan, “Christian, ” and their fight over the pinata. Jordan claims he acted in self-defense. Mike disagrees the claim, and then Jordan acts like he “wouldve been” have the dances to fight Mike. Mike could literally devote a sh* t.

Chris asks Hannah and Blake about the time he flew to Birmingham to see her before the taping. She says he went there to talk and ask his Stagecoach behavior. LOL Sydney’s not buying that he flew all the way to Birmingham to “talk.” Finally, Sydney! A little personality! You can sit with us.

Jordan then announces out the enormous f* cking question this evidence had all season, which is the fact that everyone knew each other before they came on, and it performed for sh* tty TV. Cam concurs, and Onyeka immediately rushes down his throat saying he would have met the girls if he had been able to. Cam is the brand-new pinata of Paradise .

I’d like to go back to that item for a minute, though. Despite my constant threats of homicide and arson, Bachelor in Paradise was my favorite Bachelor right picture, and this season merely sucked. I recollect a great deal of that had to do with the fact that they all came on to the show having already talked to each other, or once slammed each other, and it was more about that theatre than parties cros each other and getting together. If they’re going to keep this up, time transmit me screenshots of everyone’s DMs and save me 30 hours of my summer and all of my sanity, thanks.

Oh how charming, Connor tried to grow some facial mane! If he did it to appear more manly, I think it backfired because my grandma can germinate a thicker mustache than that. But I’ll be sure to give you an A for exertion on this semester’s report card, Connor!

Chris Harrison calls Blake to the electric chair. Blake get a little heavy on the bronzer for tonight–did he trust Kristina to school him how to contour or something? Because this was clearly sabotage.

Blake tells Chris he was most surprised by the anger the women had toward him. GOD FORBID A WOMAN BE ANGRY. Should we all precisely smile and giggle when a man sleeps with us and then all our friends, Blake? Would that acquire you happy? Because we’re now to oblige you happy!

Chris : How did it feel when everyone started to really hate you ??

^^ I’ll take any excuse to use that one again, sorry

Blake returns up the verse messages that he secreted and I foresee for his safety he probably should have avoided these discussions, but this is not a smart worker. Caelynn says she has never felt more transgressed in her life. Apparently Blake called Caelynn and told her he was going to release the texts, and she told him that she would get a lot of heat online if he did it, and he did it anyways.

Blake will literally not rationalize. “No one would ever know she made misstep if I hadn’t exposed her embarrassing stoned, horny textbook meanings the highway I did. Aren’t I noble ?! ” Eventually he manages to choke out an, “I’m sorry you felt that way” apology which everyone knows is the cop-out of apologies.

At this quality, my brother texted me to say to me he speculates Blake “handled that well.” I thought he was joking, tried to have a good laugh, transmit a Dr. Evil gif, the usual. He was not joking. MEN! They are literally unfit for society. I say we corral them up in a vault underground and exclusively cause them out to open pots or to fight in a pen for our amusement purposes.

And with that, we are finally finished with Blake. If I ever hear the word “Stagecoach” again, I will personally sue ABC.


Oh good, they’ve decided to waste my experience with people that I can’t even be bothered to follow on Instagram.

Carly’s baby shrieking “no! ” is my mood right now.

Jade tells us about having her baby in the wardrobe. Because that was something I needed to see in my nightmares.

Chris and Krystal are also there, and something is up with his face. The freshly-shaved look does not work for him.

And The Bachelor idols are anointing us with a gender reveal! Because it wasn’t horrifying fairly when someone you cherish hammered you in the been confronted with a baseball that exploded into pink powder , now we must attend a gender reveal for a couple whose pepper-filled saliva has a Guinness World Record. Wells movements out of a cake in a blue-blooded onesie! So I assume that means they’re having a boy, and not a fully-grown fame whore who continues to degrade himself in various ways so he can eventually paid for his fiance’s ring?

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The most dramatic onesie ever

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This whole section was unnecessary filler, used to torture the public exclusively because waterboarding us “couldve been” illegal. They should have cut this whole thing. That gets us down to 1 hour, 55 minutes.


Chris announces Tayshia up to the hot seat to talk about JPJ.

Tayshia says they had a whirlwind romance. She says she is the last one to casually throw around the idea of commitment or matrimony but if my reminiscence serves( and it does, my remember is freaking amazing–ask anyone who has ever wronged me ), she was married before. So don’t you shed it around casually at least a little, T? At least that one expensive era?

Tayshia too tells us that after Paradise she missed her decision, so she flew out to Maryland. JPJ’s face is blinking. Didn’t someone say in the comments one week that he majored in exertion?( yes, I read the comments, yes, I cry about them very ). That stimulates me sad because this man literally is not available stop a straight face to save his life. Even your best friend that feels all the girls on The Bachelor have real tits texted me hours ago saying, “I think they’re back together because JPJ preserves inducing odd faces.” Can someone take this man’s degree back?

Of course they transmitted cameras to Maryland. She tells him, or more accurately, howls at his face, that she wants to explore things with him. Does it seem to anyone else like they don’t truly talk to each other they just look at each other and scream ludicrous things? And now they are apparently boyfriend and lover. Good for them. I hope they get all the Instagram sponsorships their natures desire.

Chris B& Katie

Katie heads up to the hot seat. She is clearly in distress. She was of the view that she and Chris have their ups and downs, and communications has been hard, and she is spent. Cool, but are you together or not?

She says they are still engaged( even though she is not wearing her peal ). She also says something about how he is not filling her gas container. Come to New Jersey, Katie! Someone else will do it for you!

“I fell in love with possible that may never come to fruition, but I’m precisely praying it does.” This is also something I say about my chocolate microchip cookies right before I bake them, in hopes I won’t burn them yet again. Advice to Katie: they never turn out.

They bring Chris out, and he says they are taking it day by day. Katie reproductions exactly what she just said to us, to Chris. I don’t need to hear those pathetic analogies again, cut it and we’re down to 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Katie restrains mean to tell me that she is spent but how do you think I feel, Katie? Listening to you say that over and over again in our third hour of video, tonight? WHAT ABOUT MY EXHAUSTION ?!

Chris Harrison : are you capable of being the man Katie needs?
Chris B : Yes
They both decide they’re in this, and decide to live unhappily ever after. Cute!

We likewise get a scene of Chris and Katie talking in the parking lot. They’re arguing over the same old-fashioned sh* t. I mull. At this target I was listening from the lavatory while cleaning my face. Take it out of now. We’re down to 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Hannah& Dylan

Hannah and Dylan approach the hot seat together. They say they are great, love each other, yada, yada, yada. There was no mention of the pastured sweatshirts, so I are simply expect Hannah has managed to fend that off for now

Their exclusively update is that Hannah is moving to California. They continue to be as bearing on this after substantiate as they were on Paradise .

Demi& Kristian

Demi tells us she just moved to LA to be closer to Kristian. Do all these beings moving to California expect me to believe they moved there for love and not to advance their occupation in the short timeframe that world Tv stardom affords them?

Demi says it was hard coming out on Tv, but it’s liberating. I’m happy that she was able to be who she is.

Kristian pullings Demi up from the couch to confess her feelings, and she proposes to Demi with a peal! Would it be an After The Final Rose if Neil Lane wasn’t profiting off of the already-crumbling relationships between virtual strangers?

Okay, where were Clay and Nicole? I would gladly have given up one of the times Katie equated herself to a tank of gas to hear Clay mumble to his lap about his commitment issues.


And it’s Pilot Peter! With a brand-new haircut! It’s bad!

He is grateful and emotional about being espoused, and I expressed his gratitude and feelings this is the only way have six more hours of this left. I choose Peter the best on his season, may he find a lot of affection and lots of women willing to join the mile-high club.

The episode’s final operate go: three hour. My final lope epoch: 1 hour, 39 minutes. Call me, ABC!

And that’s all, kinfolks! Now that this is over I is likely to be putting the patches of my life back together, and actively scaping any Bachelor talk for the next four months. See you betches next year.

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