Caitlyn Jenner ridiculed with transphobic jokes during Alec Baldwin roast


Comedy Central aired its Roast of Alec Baldwin on Sunday. At least, that’s what we’re supposed to believe from the title card. One celebrity patron seemed to take much of the heat off of Baldwin with her image: Caitlyn Jenner, due to her family, support of President Donald Trump, and gender identity had a large target on her back.

Jenner was later deadnamed on social media by detractors.

Roastmaster Sean Hayes change the flavor earlier today,” I can’t believe you’re here, wow. You’ve got pellets, girl .”

Jenner became an easy target for transphobic jokes during the roast, to situate it lightly. Comedian Adam Carolla, including with regard to, didn’t hold back when he deadnamed and misgendered Jenner all in the same sentence.

” Here’s how fucking crazy Hollywood is. Bruce Jenner announces he’s transitioning and everybody acclaims it, but when they find out he’s a Republican, they’re outraged. Cut your dick off? Hero. Cut taxes? Hitler ,” Carolla quipped.

One Twitter user pointed out that Jenner’s appearance opened the door for rampant transphobia.