SmartNews latest news discovery feature shows articles from across the political spectrum

Even before the 2016 election, political polarization was increasing, with Americans so entrenched in the news generators they rely on that the Pew Research Center said“liberals and conservatives occupy different worlds.” Now SmartNews, the report aggregation app that recently hit unicorn funding status, wants to give consumers a lane to step out of their foams with specific features called News From All Sides.

News From All Sides is an option located under the politics tab in SmartNews’ app. A slider at the bottom allows users to see articles about a specific news event sorted into five radicals, ranging from more liberal to more conservative. Now available for new consumers in the United Regime, the aspect will gradually roll out as the company fine-tunes it.


News From All Sides was created for books who want to see other points of view, but might be overwhelmed by an online search, says Jeannie Yang, SmartNews’ senior vice president of concoction. It too aims to provide more transparency about word algorithms, which have been blamed for exacerbating political polarization.

Before developing the feature, the SmartNews team imparted research and focus groups in places including Minneapolis and municipalities in North Carolina to understand how people across the country consume political bulletin online.

“We found that across the board, the last[ presidential] election was not just a wake-up call about what news reporting is, but customers also expressed that they are much, much more aware of algorithms loping underneath what they see. They might not know how it works, but they know there is something else going on, ” Yang says.

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The political tilteds of brochures that appear in News From All Sides were categorized by SmartNews’ content team, which includes correspondents who previously wielded at The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fox News and other major news shops. An AI-based algorithm decides which headlines appear in each category. As the piece goes through new iterations, Yang says SmartNews will make changes based on reader feedback. For instance, future explanations might look at the positions taken in specific articles and include more than five categories on the slider.

News From All Sides is an eye-opener along the lines of ” Blue Feed, Red Feed ,” an interactive feature( now archived) by The Wall Street Journal that demonstrated how much someone’s political lists can affect what Facebook’s algorithms display on their News Feed.

Of course, there are many people who are content to be ensconced in their own news suds and may not be interested in News From All Sides, even with the upcoming presidential election. Peculiarities like it won’t correct political polarization, but for people who are bizarre about different points of view, even ones they strongly made in accordance with, News From All Sides affords them a simple way to explore more coverage.

“We unquestionably discussed that, ” says Yang. “The feature is not initially targeted to everyone. It targets people who are more political report junkies, who are checking their telephones for news multiple times a day and will actively seek out other sources, so they might go on Google News and go down a rabbit hole.”

“As more readers consider how they are going to vote, it will too used to help with perspectives, ” Yang includes. “It’s not something that will appeal to everyone broadly, but we hope that we will adjust a tendernes part for this core group and then iterate it to something more universal.”

SmartNews was founded in Japan, but the slider is currently only on its app for the U.S. because political polarization is a major issue there. Yang says the boast is one part of SmartNews’ goal to improve discovery in all news topics.

“Our mission is to break people out of filter froths and personalize detection with the idea that recommendation algorithms can expand interests, instead of narrowing your interests, ” she says. “We’re thinking of how to create more transparency and also disclosed readers to something they might not frequently assure, but present it in a fun action, like a serendipitous discovery.”

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