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As you may recall, some eyebrows were raised when man-who-definitely-hands-out-dental-floss-on-Halloween Mike Pence and co. recently stayed at Trump’s golf used in Ireland, which was three hours away from Dublin where his meetings were actually taking place. Seems like a somewhat flagrant kiss-ass maneuver to me. After declaring the chairperson has simply “suggested” the locating, Pence eventually affirmed the accusation that he only stayed at the resort to please Trump, and his and Trump’s responses were all the usual, infuriating bullsh* t-in-plain-sight ordeal.

But it’s worth noting that this sort of thing is far from the erratic. The odd Ireland suggestion, paired with the fact that Attorney General Bill Barr will deplete more than $30,000 of his own money to propel a private vacation defendant at the Trump International Hotel, are glaring enough even without Trump’s non-stop gurgle about hosting the next G-7 at his Miami Doral resort. These and other happenings have motivated the House Judiciary Committee to consider including hearings on a potential violation of the emoluments clause — which proscribes the president from fertilizing him or herself through the presidency — in potential impeachment proceedings.

Tbh, Trump’s businesses have really flourished since he was elected. People have come to realize that the most efficient way to get the president’s attention is to dress up as a giant McDonald’s fish fillet sammie spend money that will end up in his pockets, so they make sure to frequent Trump’s resorts. It’s even gleaned likeness to the Mafia practice of” kicking up “~ ATAGEND — or uttering sure any benefit to the boss’s staff represents it into his own pockets. Wow, it’s almost as if this was Trump’s main motive for applying to a responsibility that he has apparently no those who are interested in and utterly no diplomata for.

Anyway, here are some disturbing stats that we found in a New York Times article exploring spend structures uncovered by Public Citizen and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, about the ways Trump’s businesses have benefited from his presidency.

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