You Can Now Share Your Fave Spotify Songs Right To Your Snap Story, So Rock On

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Here’s How To Share Spotify Songs On Snapchat Stories With This Super Convenient Update

If you’re someone who regularly exerts people’s song recommendations on Instagram to influence your playlist, you’ll be so here for the fact that Spotify is now bringing your favorite bangers to Snapchat. Ever since the music streaming service teamed up with Instagram in May 2018, sharing your favorite songs of the moment, playlists, podcasts, and more on the social media pulpit has been as easy as tapping a few buttons — and it is like the Snapchat feature will work in the same way. Here’s how to share Spotify ballads on Snapchat Stories, because you’ll want to start tuning in ASAP.

In a blog post shared on Monday, Sept. 9, Spotify firstly revealed that it was bringing its social media song-sharing cleverness to the app and that users should “look out for the incorporation, ” which will begin “rolling out soon across iOS and Android devices.” According to a Spotify rep, hand-picked Snapchat customers will start investigating the boast beginning on Sept. 9 and the peculiarity are available for consultation globally by Thursday, Sept. 12 on all manoeuvres, according to Spotify. It’s a welcome edict for Snapchat customers, considering that feature — which allows you to share individual songs, books, playlists, and podcasts to your “Story” — has been available on Instagram for over a year now. Per the press release, Snapchat customers will have the option to either send their choices to a few people or to affix it to their Snap Story. If you’re ready to get started, here’s what to do.

If you’re listening to something on the Spotify app that you feel like you really want to share with your friends, all you have to do is tap the three dots that are located on the righthand corner of the screen to be submitted by the “share menu.” From there, the screen will populate with the alternative share to share whatever content you’re tuning in to to your Contents, WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, Snapchat. Once you select Snapchat, the app will automatically create a brand-new Snap that’ll include the full recording artistry of your move of option. From there, you can add or revise the Snap, then mail it to whomever you think needs to hear it or affix it to your Snap Story.

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Meanwhile, if one of your Snapchat friends decides to send you a song, playlist, book, or podcast that he or she thinks that you’ll be into, a few cases swipes and taps will allow you to easily sample their recommendation. Once you receive the Snap, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen so that the context card display the content’s information will show up. Once you tap it, Snapchat will automatically take you to Spotify where whatever you selected will begin playing. Just one thing to note: You’ll need to have the Spotify app and be issued and signed in to access this aspect, so I’d recommend downloading it free of charge on the possibility that your best friend decide to sent you something.

Again, the app’s Spotify feature is being wheeled out as we talked, so I’d keep an eye on your Snapchat and start sharing some recs when you ensure the update appear.

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