Spotify users can now share music and podcasts to Snapchat

Spotify users can now share their favorite music and podcasts with friends on Snapchat, the company announced this morning, with lent support for sharing a song, playlist, artist chart or podcast either directly to your friends on Snapchat or to your Snapchat Story.

Snapchat is now one of several destinations that Spotify users can share to, along with WhatsApp, Messages, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram Stories and, as of just last week, Facebook Stories .

Using the brand-new boast is the same as with any other sharing alternative — you sounds the three-dot share menu in the top-right of the app’s boundary and choose Snapchat from the drop-down list. Snapchat will open with a brand-new Snap and the full recording artistry included. You can then edit and send the Snap as usual.

Recipients of your Snap will be able to tap the context card to listen to the music or podcast you’ve shared.

In addition to simply sharing music with friends, the piece too will make it possible for Spotify craftsmen and their teams to promote their music to Snapcat’s 203 million daily useds — most of whom are within the coveted teen to young adult demographic that Spotify’s craftsmen are hoping to reach.

The feature itself is powered by Snap’s Creative Kit( an integrated part of Snap Kit ), which lets users share media from a developer’s app or website.

Spotify is now one of more than 200 apps that have integrated with Snap Kit following the June 2018 debut of the scaffold, which aims to offer a more private alternative to Facebook. In many cases, however, support for Snapchat is being added to other apps and areas alongside their existing support for Facebook and Instagram — such as in the case here.

The expansion to Spotify’s sharing feature comes at a time when the streamer is looking for growth — especially in light of proliferating race from antagonists like Amazon Music and Apple Music. The onetime be able to use desegregations with Prime and Alexa, the latter from its preinstallation on Apple manoeuvres( and possibly a new parcel with Apple TV +, as we’ll find out tomorrow at Apple’s iPhone event ).

Spotify, meanwhile , notably missed its consumer estimates in its Q2 2019 earnings, with 8 million brand-new subscribers in the quarter instead of the expected 8.5 million. With expanded social sharing options, it hopes to reach millions more users who are eligible last-minute convert to paying customers.

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