YouTube to spend $100M on original childrens content

Creators of child-directed content will be financially impacted by the changes required by the FTC settlement, YouTube admitted today. The settlement will be terminated the use of children’s personal data for ad-targeting purposes, the FTC said. To address authors’ concerns over their businesses, YouTube also announced a $100 million fund to invest in original children’s content.

The fund, distributed over three years, will be dedicated to the creation of “thoughtful” original material for YouTube and YouTube Kids globally, the company says.

” We know these changes will have a significant business impact on family and kids creators who have been building both wonderful content and expanding business, so we’ve worked to give affected builders four months to adjust before converts take effect on YouTube ,” wrote YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in a blog upright.” We recognize this won’t be easy for some authors and are committed to working with them through this transition and rendering resources to help them better understand these changes .”

YouTube plans to share more information about the fund and its plans in the weeks ahead.

In addition, YouTube said today it’s ” rethinking” its overall approaching to the YouTube adolescents and family experience.

This could go toward fixing some of the other questions raised by the consumer advocacy radicals who stimulated the FTC investigation. The groups weren’t perfectly pleased by the settlement, as they believed it was only scratching the surface of YouTube’s issue.

” It’s extremely disappointing that the FTC isn’t involving more substantive deepens or doing more to hold Google accountable for harming progenies through years of illegal data collection ,” said Josh Golin, the executive director for the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood( CCFC ), a group that spearheaded the push for an investigation.” A profusion of parental very concerned about YouTube- from unwarranted material and recommendations to undue screen duration- can all be traced to Google’s business model of using data to maximize watch time and ad receipt ,” he added.

Google already began to crack down on some of these concerns, independent of an FTC requirement, however.

To tackle the scourge of inappropriate content targeting adolescents, YouTube in August expanded its progeny safe programs to remove — instead of simply curb, as it did before — any “misleading family content, including videos that target younger adolescents , those that consists of sexual themes, cruelty, outrageou, or other ripen themes not is ideal for younger audiences.”

Separately, YouTube aims to address the issues raised around promotional content in videos.

For example, a video with kids play with playthings could be an innocent home movie or it could involve a business agreement between the video developer and a brand to showcase the products in exchange for free merchandise or direct payment.

The latter should be labeled as publicizing, as required by YouTube, but that’s often not the case. And even when ads are disclosed, it’s impossible for young children to know the difference between when they’re being entertained and when they’re being sold to.

There are also increasing concerns over the lack of child labor ordinances when it comes to children playing in YouTube videos, which has induced some mothers to exploit their boys for looks or even commit child abuse.

YouTube’s “rethinking” of its kids’ know-how should also include whether or not it should continue to incentivize the creation of these” kid influencer” and YouTube family videos, where little girls’ and boys’ childhoods have become the source of parents’ incomes.

YouTube’s re-evaluation of the boys’ know comes at a time when the FTC is also thinking of how to better police general audience stages on the web, where some content is perceived by teenagers. The regulator is hosting an October seminar to discuss this issue, where it hopes to come up with ways to encourage others to develop kid-safe zones, too.

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