Twitter blocks state-controlled media outlets from advertising on its social network

Twitter is now blocking state-run media outlets from ad on its pulpit.

The new program was announced just hours after the company linked an information operation involving hundreds of details linked to China as part of an effort to” disseminate political disagreement” around contests in Hong Kong after weeks of asserts in those areas. Over the weekend more than 1 million Hong Kong tenants took to the streets to protest what they see as an encroachment by the mainland Chinese government over their rights.

Twitter says accountings linked to China tried to’ broadcast political disagreement’ in Hong kong residents

State-funded media enterprises that do not rely on taxpayer dollars for their funding and don’t operate independently of both governments that commerce them will no longer be allowed to advertise on the programme, Twitter said in a statement. That leaves a big exception for shops like the Associated Press, the British Broadcasting Corp ., Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio, according to reporting from BBC reporter, Dave Lee.

The altered notes will be able to use Twitter, but can’t access the company’s advertising produces, Twitter said in a statement.

” We believe that there is a difference between engaging in speech with notes you choose to follow and the content you see from advertisers in your Twitter experience which may be from notes you’re not currently following. We have plans for both but we have higher standards for our advertisers ,” Twitter said in its statement.

The policy applies to news media shops that are financially or editorially controlled by the state, Twitter said. The corporation said it will make its policy decides on the basis of media freedom and independence, including editorial power over articles and video, the financial ownership of the publication, the influence or intervention governments may utilize over journalists, broadcasters and correspondents, and political pressure or hold over the production and distribution process.

Twitter said the advertising regulates wouldn’t are available to entities that are focused on entertainment, boasts or cros, but if there’s news in the mixture, the company will block publicize access.

Affected shops have 30 dates before they’re removed from Twitter and the company is halting all existing campaigns.

State media has long been a source of disinformation and was cited as part of the Russian campaign to influence the 2016 referendum. Indeed, Twitter has booted state-financed news organizations before. In October 2017, the company banned Russia Today and Sputnik from push on its platform( although a representative from RT claimed that Twitter encouraged it to advertise ahead of the election ).

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