Father Asks Strangers To Suggest Interesting Facts He Could Tell His Daughter, Gets 40 Responses

One father started telling his daughter awfully random more most interesting trivia before bedtime but her interest has outlasted his lore. So, frantic to keep his little one entertained, redditor u/ ExpiringFrog questioned people to share morsels of information that could do the trick. His post rapidly exited viral, engendering roughly 100 k upvotes and over 20.5 k mentions, with interesting realities about pretty much everything you have been able must be considered. From guinea pig owning regulations in Switzerland to the time it takes a snowflake to reach the grind, I think it’s safe to say that the father is covered! The best part, nonetheless, is that you can enjoy these snippets even if you’re not a little girl trying to fall asleep.

You might say collecting random actualities don’t really translate into anything helpful. However, experts believe that playing trivia games can provide a dopamine rushed much like gamble, exactly without the negative effects. And scrolling through poles like this might just prepare you for these competitions.

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“You get a rush or a neuroreward signal or a dopamine outburst from triumphing, ” John Kounios, Ph.D ., professor of psychology and chairman of the doctoral program in referred cognitive and mentality sciences at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, told Healthline . “I think whenever you’re challenged with a trivia question and you happen to know it, you get a rush. It’s sort of like gambling.”

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Also, remembering these little pears of wisdom is easier if you’re really enthusiastic about the subject matter. “People really like to have some knowledge on something and the psyche is very good at focusing on things that you’re interested in, ” Deborah Stokes, Ph.D ., L.P.C ., B.C.N ., a psychologist in Virginia, who are concentrated on neurotherapy, said.

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“In normal parties, my watching , not backed up by any experiment, is that their interest in trivia is confined to topics that they are generally interested in, ” Kounios supplemented. “So if a person is very interested in history, then they may either seek out history trivia, or they might just naturally pick it up in the course of learning about nontrivial aspects of history.”

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But being a killer at trivia games doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more educated. “Some beings soak up information, ” the professor said. “Plenty of people with a lot more education may not remember what they had for breakfast yesterday morning.”

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The Lichtenstein army went to battle in 1866, during the Austro-Prussian War with 80 soldiers and came back with 81. They befriended an Austria man along the way and he attached them.









Adwaita, a monstrous tortoise who died in 2006, was born before the United Government exists in 1750.


There were wooly mammoths on countries around the world when the Pyramids were being built.




If you choose to not have children, you’re the first being in your direct route of ancestry to make this choice since the first organism to exist on Earth, about 4 billion years ago.


From the time Pluto was discovered until the time it was demoted from planethood, it still hadn’t started one complete coup in all regions of the sun.


When a cat treads towards you with its tush up that symbolizes it likes you and is roused to see you.


Before 1914 parents could mail their kids to Grandma’s- through the postal service.



The frequency of a cat’s purr has been shown to improve bone density and strength.



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The Moon’s diameter is 400 occasions smaller than the Sun’s. However, the Sun is 400 epoches about as far. This is why we can have both solar and lunar total eclipses.