Exclusive: Giuliani’s Connect to Ukrainian President Who Colluded with Democrat in 2016 Election Interference

About a time into this, I has point out here that that POTUS propose Rudy Giuliani is said to be working on behalf of Ukraineas President Petro Poroshenko to cover up Poroshenkoas attribute in 2016 elections interference by the DNC and Ukraine.

Seems Rudy Giuliani is part of the misinformation/ disinformation campaign designed to misdirect POTUS from understanding Poroshenkoas 2016 effort to elect Hillary.

Other performers( witting or unwitting) include Fox News, Dan Bongino, Jon Solomon, Sean Hannity and Sara Carter.

This betrayal of the POTUS involves John Solomon, Senior VP at The Hill billed as an ainvestigate Journalista by Fox News, who ran an interview with Ukraine Prosecutor-General Lutsenko, a close Poroshenko ally, that drew attention away from Poroshenkoas role.

Fox News repetition that narrative.

After the inquisition with John Solomon and The Hill a which Poroshenko knew about a Lutsenko was forced to backpedal on key supports he made and has since offered to resign.

Note that Fox News has a account of obscuring the truth about Ukraine and the DNCas collusion and referendum interference.

They did not report on Soros protege Serhiy Leshchenkoas conviction on referendum intervention in December 2018 until the record HINTS about it.

Whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko confirmed to me that John Solomon has realise no attempt to contact him , nor has anyone at Fox News.

Telizhenko was a key root in this January 2017 article and has been interviewed by Jack Posobiec& Gateway Pundit.

Numerous media reports show that Rudy Giuliani met with Ukrainian President Poroshenko several times in 2017.

Supporters of the POTUS have good reason to be concerned that someone as close to Donald Trump as Giuliani is working with Poroshenko.

The original Politico story in January 2017 clearly drawn Poroshenko was deeply concerned before Trump even took office that the Ukrainian support for Hillary and the DNC in the 2016 vote would hurt him, so Poroshenko hired US lobbying firm BGR.

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