Teenage Fanclub: how we made Bandwagonesque

I was on the phone to solicitors and names in New York while still living in a council flat and unable to afford the bus fare to rehearsals

Norman Blake, vocals, guitar

What was our life like back in 1991? Impoverished! But when you’re young that’s fine. We’d make the mattress out of my bedroom, persist it in the back of a rental van and off we’d go on tour.

Bandwagonesque captivates that spirit. There weren’t many parties at the time acquiring melodic sound records that were kind of sloppy more. The vocals aren’t bright, the playing’s all right … it’s not been straightened up like a lot of records are these days. It captures young people trying to find their hoof. That’s what I foresee beings pick up on.

Our producer Don Fleming advised us to suck Jack Daniel’s in the studio. He said:” It’s good for singing, guitaring and playing the rhythms .” Terms of wisdom! He was a cheerleader for manufacturing the recording process an incident rather than a dry period. Don was very encouraging musically more. He was the first person to get us working on harmonies because he said not many people were doing that at the time. We were shirk and noisier back then but Don got us hitting some truly high-pitched greenbacks- as we’ve gotten older they’ve gone out of our range.

The album opens with The Concept, which has the texts:” She wears denim wherever she goes/ Says she’s gonna buy some records by the Status Quo .” I liked the relevant recommendations of referencing them because if you wanted to be cool you never would. I could have referenced the Moving Sidewalks instead and beings would have been able to recalled:” What a wanker .” I’ve not encounter the movie Young Adult, but I know that Charlize Theron sings The Concept in it. That’s pretty crazy to fantasize she knows the song.

We’d only ratified to Creation, which could be quite wild. I retain us going to the offices precisely to say hello to everyone and Alan[ McGee, founder] was like” Let’s get a couple of cans of brew .” The next thing you know he’s on the intercom method saying ” OK everyone, phone’s off” and a full magnitude gathering ensues. Bobby Gillespie came down and before you knew it the pills were flying around.

We had to play the entire album live recently. Has it stood the test of go? I belief the best you can say as a musician is, if you don’t grovel too much when you listen back to it, then you’ve kind of done OK.

‘ Geffen disliked it’ … the band in 1992 with the offending artwork. Photograph: Brian Rasic/ Getty Images

Raymond McGinley, vocals, head guitar

I was still living with my mum and dad in a multistorey council flat, and yet I’d be on the phone to New York advocates and labels in North America trying to sort out record distributes. We’d be talking about all this fund but I still didn’t have enough to get the bus down to the rehearsal room in Motherwell.

We didn’t have a manager at the time and I was so tied up doing that kind of thing that I only wrote one song on the record, but I still felt I contributed in a lot of other channels. It was a good collective knowledge. Me and Norman had wasted a few years in the wilderness waiting to get to a region where we had time in a studio with a band, so we enjoyed focusing on ourselves.

We hadn’t actually signed to Creation at the time and I recollect having heated discussions with Alan McGee who was worried he was going to pay all our log greenbacks and then get shafted. Alan and Dick Green[ Creation records benefactors] had introduced their houses up against the label succeeding, but because they had so much going on at the time they left us alone to get on with it.

Bandwagonesque has a certain quirky announce. After we finished I speculated” Fucking – god, I don’t know if “its the right thing” we have been able to doing in there .” But as time goes on, you realise that’s all one of the purposes of the artistic process. It has its breaches, but so do all our records.

I did the sleeve with my girlfriend at the time. She gets a credit but actually it’s my fault. When parties indicate to a bigger label, they end up with an artwork department record sleeve, where anything gapes a bit slick and airbrushed. I had the relevant recommendations to do the exact opposite and meet the cheapest sleeve ever configured. I employed a free-to-use Microsoft clipart image. Geffen, our American label, disliked it. I don’t think the other guys in the band liked it either. And we dissolved up get sued by Gene Simmons who claimed to have trademarked bags of money. So I’m trying to produce the cheapest sleeve possible as some kind of comment on the music business and we be brought to an end going litigated by Gene Simmons. I said to our lawyer:” Can we just tell him to fuck off ?” He said no, so we leaved him $500 and a credit.

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