Trump Freaks Out Over The Hunt, a Satirical Film He Doesnt Understand, as U.S. Reels From Mass Shootings

After epoches of seeming to focus on comforting mass-shooting preys, propagandizing expanded background checks for gun buys, slamming out at political nemeses, and making fun of Fox host Shepard Smith, President Trump took time out of his busy Friday to highlight yet another personal grievance: an upcoming “Racist” movie from “Liberal Hollywood,” the sardonic degree of which the president couldn’t understand or seemingly didn’t care to grasp.

” Hollywood, I don &# x27; t call them the elites ,” Trump complained to reporters at the White House on Friday.” I reflect the elites are parties they go after in many cases, but Hollywood is really terrible. You &# x27; re talking about racists? Hollywood is prejudiced .”

He included,” What they’re doing with the kind of movies they &# x27; re putting out, it &# x27; s actually very dangerous for our country. What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country .”

Later, he affixed to Twitter,” Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with huge Anger and Hate !” and that” the movie coming out” is made to” inflame and cause chaos. They appoint their own violence, and then try to blame others .”

Though he did not name the movie, Trump was almost certainly referring to The Hunt , an upcoming, blood-soaked satire stellar Hilary Swank, Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, and Emma Roberts, and produced by Jason Blum. The thriller makes locate at “the manor,” where wealthy, liberal upper-class hunt and kill for boast groupings of political “deplorables” who’ve been captivated as target. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter published a legend uncovering that The Hunt boasts” blue-state references” selecting their targets based on whether they conveyed anti-abortion sentiments or uttered the N-word on Twitter.

“‘ War is war ,’ says one character after jostle a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly ,” THR reported.

It remains unclear what, exactly, Trump thinks is ” racist” about this movie.

The sardonic premise of the film appeared to turn on lampooning well-off, incensed radicals, illustrating them as villainous psychos and the abducted right-wingers as victims in a repugnance scenario.

The nuance seemed lost on the president, whose bothering at the picture had been brewing for daylights. Before his outbursts on Friday, Trump had privately deplored in the White House about” the movie” induced” by people who love Trump ,” according to an administration official who had learn the president manufacture the comment this week. The official said that at the time, they had no idea what Trump was talking about, but acquired it was about something the president had seen on TV.

As it were, The Hunt has was widely considered the coming week on Fox News and the Fox Business Network, two of the president’s favorite paths and sources of information and advice.

Starting with The Ingraham Angle — hosted by Trump’s close friend Laura Ingraham–on Wednesday evening, the movie has been the focus of at least 21 segments on Fox News and Fox Business Network as of Friday afternoon.( This weighs late-night reruns of certain programs .)

The segments has essentially portrayed the upcoming movie in an extremely negative glowing, especially on the president’s favorite opinion indicates.

For instance, during Thursday night’s broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight, legion and top informal consultant to the president Lou Dobbs described the cinema as a” sick, changed brand-new movie ,” adding that the prospect of” globalist elites hunting disastrous hubbubs a little too real .” His guest, Fox News contributor and close Trump ally Robert Jeffress, further noted that this” divulged the hypocrisy of the left” and if the movie” was about reactionaries killing liberals, you are able to investigate an rage on the left .”

On Friday evening, The Daily Beast followed up with Pastor Robert Jeffress, expecting what he thought of the reported premise of conservatives actually being the victims and boosters, and the bloodthirsty liberals being the bad chaps. The Dallas megachurch pastor replied that he hasn’t seen the film and” was reacting to a description that was given to me .” He continued that” anything that creates divisiveness in our country is not good at this particular time in our nation’s history ,” and said movies” should not be glorifying savagery in any way ,” whether Trump-related or otherwise.

( As a differ, when talking about Kingsman , a 2014 agent humor in which–spoiler alert–the heroes blow up President Barack Obama’s head, and how that film didn’t precipitate any serious reaction among Democrat, Jeffress said if he had known about that in 2014, he would’ve” spoken out against” that movie, just as he has The Hunt .)

The following hour on Thursday, on FBN’s Trish Regan Primetime , far-right Fox contributor Todd Starnes said that the” truth of the matter is deplorables have been hunted by the left and Hollywood for a very long time ,” adding that the scheme of the cinema is right” out of the DNC playbook when it comes to attacking Trump supporters .”

During Friday’s Fox& Friends First , meanwhile, onetime Home Improvement performer Zachary Ty Bryan exploited The Hunt to take aim at Hollywood radicals and, for some reason, the Mueller investigation.

” In the aftermath of these shootings, in general, promoting political violence is always risky if you ask me ,” he said.” Peculiarly in the political climate we are now in. What I &# x27; m memorize is basically what they are accusing republicans of doing they are doing .”

” Whether it goes back to the Russian probe, we insure celebrities–starting with Kathy Griffin and the Trump separated honcho. Snoop Dogg, assassinating the president in his music video, Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House ,” he contributed.” They say “we il be” subdivided and we need unity but you don &# x27; t see it coming out of Hollywood. Do as I say , not as I do .”

The president, during his week of trying to play the role of the nation’s consoler-in-chief, took notice, and as of Friday is now targeting the cinema from his White House perch.

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