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The Kobalt EC-1: How a Swedish saxophonist well-developed Kobalt, the world’s next music unicorn

My favorite pieces we host on Extra Crunch are our EC-1 sequence of in-depth charts and examinations of high-flying, fascinating startups. We launched Extra Crunch with a multi-part series on Patreon , and then we covered augmented actuality and Pokemon Go creator Niantic and gaming platform Roblox .

This week, Extra Crunch media columnist Eric Peckham launched the first part of his three-part EC-1 streak looking at music “operating system” startup Kobalt . Kobalt is not perhaps a popular household name like Roblox, but it’s influence is heard pretty much every single time you listen to music. Kobalt is upending the traditional infrastructure to track music dallies to capture royalties for craftsmen, an industry that today still involves people literally going into rails and writing down what’s playing. From that basi, Kobalt wants to expand into services to empower the next-generation of adepts and mid-market talent.

What I affection about this story is that not only is Kobalt fully rehabilitating an otherwise stagnant manufacture, but its founder and CEO is also such a dynamic individual. Willard Ahdritz was a onetime saxophonist whose ensemble was essentially vacated by their music label — even while that name wouldn’t give up the economics that would allow the band to continue( some benefactors may have similar experiences with their crusade investors ). Ahdritz would eventually start his own music label called Telegram , and a bit later started Kobalt to solve the problems he kept running into on the music producing side.

It’s been almost two decades, but today, Kobalt offers a suite of technologies and services and has its crosshairs on the large-scale three descriptions — Universal , Sony , and Warner . It’s also collected a boatload of risk capital and is closing in on a unicorn valuation. Read the full storey, learn more about this analytically fascinating business, and get ready for percentages two and three coming soon.

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