Donald Trump Slammed As ‘Racist-In-Chief’ After Vicious, Bigoted Attack On Four U.S. Congresswomen – Perez Hilton

Somebody is clearly VERY threatened by the power of a few very strong girls!

Donald Trump is having a more controversial 24 -hour period than is normal even for him right now after he launched into a blatantly racist tirade on several United Government Congresswoman through his official Twitter account on Sunday.

And while we’re all pretty much used to Trump saying monumentally stupid s ** t by now, this one crossed WAY beyond that into the level of shockingly racist( even for him) and unbelievably vicious.

It all started apparently out of nowhere early Sunday morning; it’s not clear which is what propagandized the orange buffoon over the edge; perhaps he was watching a segment on Fox News about the Congresswomen, or something.


Very promptly, the responses moved in as” Racist in Chief” veered all day Sunday on Twitter with tens of thousands of parties calling out The Donald for his absurdly over-the-top attack.

And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — the only woman actually identified in the tweet weave — rapidly replied in her own reply about Trump’s tirade( below ):