The View Sides With Pelosi Over AOC: Youre Not Allowed to Bitch About This

It would appear that the women of The View are solidly in Nancy Pelosi’s corner when it comes to the House speaker’s simmering dissension with progressive sun Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez( D-NY ).

The hosts kicked off Thursday’s programme of ABC’s schmooze register by discussing the back-and-forth between the New York lawmaker and the speaker , noting that AOC recently alleged Pelosi of disrespecting and repeatedly singling out women of color. Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks came on the heels of Pelosi dissing the “Squad”–a group of four freshmen progressive congresswomen of color–and claiming they have no clout or influence.

After liberal co-host Joy Behar said it was ” disheartening” and that this” infighting isn’t helping” to get Donald Trump out of the White House, she then felt it was a” flake much” for Ocasio-Cortez to” go to scoot right away .”

” Well, I “ve got a problem with” how all these young women started out when they were accusing, you are aware, older Democrat like myself of not getting what needed to be done in the country, and started saying, you know, you haven’t done this ,” companion co-host Whoopi Goldbergresponded, adding that the “Squad” wasn’t taking into account veteran Democrats’ past activism and accomplishments.

” It’s annoying to beings ,” she lent.” So I don’t think this had to do with color. I think this is–this is more–I don’t know, B.S .”

Goldberg lashed out some more at the young lawmakers, telling them that it’s” not okay” to come in and tell older Democrats to” get out of the nature” because they didn’t do their job. This prompted Behar to say they needed to” keep your seeing on the honour” and get Trump out of office.

” That is the reason you stick together–to get him out ,” she exclaimed.

Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain, meanwhile, rallied to Pelosi’s defense , noting that it was the speaker who delivered the 2018 midterms for the Democrat while the “Squad” was only able to get four pollsin opposing a recent border fund greenback. The conservative McCain announced it “Democrat on Democrat crime,” said Republicans” ensure the bigger picture” and stand united on legislation.

Hostin, for her duty, did point out that Pelosi needs to be careful with announcing AOC and others out because they are young women of color, effecting Goldberg to directly address the viewers.

Well, women of color watch me right now ,” she exclaimed.” Let’s continue this in mind. Do you think Nancy Pelosi wanted to pass a half-ass bill? No. The moderates were their own problems, and I would say to these women, did you set these moderates down and say,’ Listen, we are going to threw this together ?’ What are you done? Have you called? Have you tried ?”

After McCain agreed that the Squad isn’t caucusing, Goldberg aimed the segment with this 😛 TAGEND

” And if you are not going to do that, you’re not allowed to bitch about this! If you want to move it, then let’s get it moved !”

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