Deepfake reimagines ‘The Shining’ starring Jim Carrey

A new deepfake video has emerged that supersedes actor Jack Nicholson with comedian Jim Carrey in the iconic 1980 s repugnance cinema The Shining.

Developed by deepfake pioneer Ctrl Shift Face, the video seamlessly situates the face of Carrey onto that of Nicholson’s with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Speaking with the Daily Dot, Ctrl Shift Face helps explain why he are choosing to put Carrey inside the horrifying world of conductor Stanley Kubrick’s film, based on the 1977 fiction by writer Stephen King.

” I’ve always thought Jim Carrey would be an interesting assign for The Shining ,” he said.” It’s quite interesting to employed a primarily comedic actor in such a serious and dark scene .”

Despite the fact that the two performers are known for very different characters, supporters of Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube noted how perfectly Carrey blended into the psychological thriller.

” The creepy thing is that with Jim Carrey’s face, even the mannerisms and acces he plays feel really like how Jim Carrey would move ,” one YouTube commenter said. “Kinda eery.”

The deepfake creator’s fans are responsible for the video coming to life after voting to have it made on Ctrl Shift Face’s Patreon report.” I had three ideas and made a poll to let my fans vote ,” Ctrl Shift Face said. The Shining clip acquired out over backgrounds that would sub Tom Cruise into American Psycho and Keanu Reeves into The Room.

Once the voting was over, Ctrl Shift Face was working pick video times of Carrey’s face to feed into DeepFaceLab, a popular deepfake program available online. The deepfake curriculum squanders artificial intelligence to learn the details of an individual’s face to then superimpose it onto the face of someone else.

Ctrl Shift Face

Ctrl Shift Face says the entire project took around three to four daylights to complete. The deepfake author even uploaded his Jim Carrey dataset, a accumulation of the idols of Carrey’s face used in the making of the video, to YouTube. The video demo just how much visual data agreed to make a convincing deepfake.

Where other deepfake developers might take shortcuts, Ctrl Shift Face is intentionally selective with what videos he exhausts in order to account for the high quality of his deepfakes, and it’s garnered the videos millions of views online. A video set the face of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger onto comedian Bill Hader has racked up nearly 7 million views on YouTube alone.

But Ctrl Shift Face is still not does so with Carrey and The Shining. The developer has already finished another deepfake available only to his Patreon adherents that establishes Carrey superimposed onto Nicholson’s character while he’s talking to Lloyd the bartender.

The next time to be released to the public will be Carrey in the atrocious incident where Nicholson’s co-star Shelley Duvall is forced to grab a baseball bat to keep her psychopathic husband at bay.

Ctrl Shift Face

And before you ask, yes, the acclaimed” Here’s Johnny” background in which Nicholson says the far-famed catchphrase used by Ed McMahon during The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson are in conformity with the works.

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