Gary Lineker is BBC’s best-paid star again, but women close gap

Many female suns have had pay rises, while male story presenters have made cuts

Gary Lineker has maintained his status as the BBC’s highest earner after the broadcaster’s contributing male athletics presenters refused to make remuneration parts, although many of the corporation’s foremost women have had substantial wage increases.

The Match of the Day host took dwelling PS1. 75 m from the corporation last year, while his colleague scholar Alan Shearer was paid PS4 40,000. Other most paid athletics scholars include Jermaine Jenas on PS210, 000 a year and Ian Wright on PS2 05,000, while John McEnroe is paid PS1 90,000 for their participation in the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage.

While numerous conducting male bulletin and current affairs presenters- including Huw Edwards, Jeremy Vine and Nicky Campbell- took substantial liquidate pieces following a public outcry over their payments, the sports department instead increased the amount it pays to on-screen pundits such as Shearer and Wright in the past year.

The BBC director general, Tony Hall, protected Lineker’s payment and told you he evaluate for fund for viewers.

Graphic showing the BBC’s highest earners

” Every occasion contracts come up, we look at them, we negotiate hard-boiled with parties ,” he said.” But Gary does an excellent job. We have 2% of athletic hours and simply under 40% of the gatherings for play in this country. A huge amount of that is to do with our sports unit .”

The figures, contained in the corporation’s annual report, will come under increased inquiry after the BBC announced plans to scrap the free Tv licence for most over-7 5s, disagreeing it needed the money to protect be invested in programming.

The BBC chairman, David Clementi, condemned the government for the licence cost decision.” This was not a decision we wanted to take and it was a decision we were required to do by legislation ,” he said.

Clementi also said it was ” stupidity” to suggest cutting the salaries of resulting starrings would cover the cost of providing the benefit to over-7 5s, saying:” The parts don’t add up .”

Table of payments of BBC presenters

He insisted the corporation did not overpay senior staff.” On handling, there is absolutely no suggestion we are paying our excellent people above world markets. All the evidence presented is the reverse ,” Clementi said.

The total amount the BBC paid all on-air talent rose by almost PS11m in the past year to PS158. 6m.

With market conditions in the media industry tough, the BBC too hired more than 1,000 new staff, taking the number to 19,231. In total, the number of members of works at “owners corporations”, including in commercial operations such as BBC Studios, stretched from 21,431 to 22,401.

The increase in staff came despite annual income throwing by roughly PS200m from PS5. 06 bn to PS4. 88 bn. Income from the licence fee fell 3.7% year on year to PS3. 69 bn, mainly due to the phased reduction in government funding of free Tv licences for over-7 5s.

Zoe Ball is the BBC’s highest-paid girl. Photograph: Sarah Jeynes/ BBC

The corporation has fought with wage since it was forced to disclose the payments of all staff who are paid more than PS1 50,000 a year. The first annual exposure in 2017 uncovered the radical differences in payments between countless preceding on-air men and women.

Since then, countless leading BBC workers ought to have dishonor into go substantial remunerate slice, with the wage of the outgoing Today programme presenter John Humphrys precipitate by PS110, 000. Radio 2′ s Steve Wright trimmed his money by PS75, 000 and Jeremy Vine took a PS150, 000 reduction.

However, a handful of male presenters such as Chris Evans- who made residence PS8, 500 a experience for presenting the BBC Radio 2 breakfast reveal- have instead chosen to leave the corporation.

The BBC’s highest-paid woman is Zoe Ball, the new Radio 2 breakfast prove host, who took residence PS370, 000 in the 12 months to April but will be paid little than Evans. Other female high-pitched earners include Claudia Winkleman, Vanessa Feltz and Lauren Laverne.

Graphic showing how many beings are in each wage bracket at the BBC

The Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey told the Today programme that” perhaps it would have been better to cut more male wages rather than to up some female stipends. I perfectly get that .”

The BBC’s overall gender pay gap decreased from 7.6% in 2018 to 6.7%, greatly better than many other media organisations. The gender pay gap at the Guardian’s mother busines was 8.4% last year, compared against 18.4% at the Financial Times and 23.4% at the Daily Telegraph.

The BBC Women group recommended caution and pointed to numerous continuing spend disagreements.” There has been some progress in the last two years, but countless women at all levels of the BBC are locked into slow, inefficient and demoralising internal handles ,” it said.

” New equal-pay events are still emerging and staff are yet to have confidence that repay difference is in the past .”

Lauren Laverne is one of the BBC’s female increase earners. Photograph: Dean Chalkley/ BBC/ Dean Chalkley

In a news conference, Hall was also asked about the accusation of bias made by Boris Johnson, who renamed the BBC as the “Brexit-bashing corporation”.

He said in response:” The BBC is doing a magnificent activity in actually describing to the public the choices being originated on behalf of children about Brexit. You can invite no more of the BBC than that .”

The BBC’s annual pay revealings simply cover staff who earn PS1 50,000 a year while working instantly for the corporation.

They do not include presenters and actors who are employed by independent production companies to draw programmes on the BBC’s behalf. As a reaction, many pre-eminent anatomies associated with major BBC programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear and Doctor Who- which are made by the business BBC Studios arm- do not feature on the list.

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