Mac from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ finally got to play catch with Chase Utley

A dream came genuine for Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: He ultimately got to play catch with Chase Utley.

The nursed a retirement fete for longtime onetime second basemen Utley on Friday night. Utley represented for the Phillies from 2003 to 2015 and helped the team win a World Series in 2008. He officially withdrawing from the sport last-place September after spend the final three years of his job with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It wouldn’t have been a proper celebration without It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator( and native Philadelphian) Rob McElhenney in attendance. McElhenney dallies Mac in the series.

Both McElhenney and his wife Kaitlin Olson( Deandra “Dee” Reynolds) were set right behind home plate in the soldout stadium. When it came time for Utley to throw away the first ceremonial dance, McElhenney assembled him on the field to catch it. McElhenney’s t-shirt even had Mac written on it.

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