Who’s No. 2 in 2020?

( CNN) There’s no question who the frontrunner is, right now, in the 2020 hasten. It’s Joe Biden.

But who’s in second? The response to that question has been, for a very long time, easy: Bernie Sanders. It’s not so easy anymore, thanks to the steady rise of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — particularly among the most liberal voters that she and Sanders are competing most aggressively for in the race.


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Momentum is clearly on Warren’s side. A brand-new national survey framed her in front of Sanders last week, as did a Nevada poll conducted during Monmouth University. And she’s receiving loads of positive press coverage at the moment; “Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Serious” from The New York Times, “Elizabeth Warren is proving her doubters bad” in the Washington Post and “Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All? ” from the New Yorker.
There’s likewise the fact that Warren is a woman and Sanders is, well , not. If Warren can fight the “who’s the most liberal of them all” question to a extort, the female voters who was put forward in droves to push Democrats back into the House majority in the 2018 midterms might just line up behind her 2020 candidacy, which could be decisive.

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