Colorado police looking for man in brawl at baseball game involving 7-year-olds

Colorado jurisdictions say they are investigating a fist crusade between adults over a teenage umpires entitles during a kid baseball game in Lakewood

Colorado experts say they are investigating a fist contend between adults over a teenage umpire’s announcements during a youth baseball game involving 7-year-olds.

Video shot by eyewitness demo humankinds exchanging punches on the field in suburban Denver.

Lakewood police spokesman John Romero said police crave help identifying a soul depict swiping the side of another man’s head, slapping him to the ground. Police affixed the video Tuesday on Facebook.

Lakewood Police (@ LakewoodPDCO)

These adults took over the field and began assaulting each other on 6/15 during a teenager baseball game. We’re looking for any info, in particular to ID the man in the white shirt/ teal short-liveds. Several parties have already been cited in this fight and harms were reported. ieenhwCrbU

June 18, 2019

Romero says police went to the field near an elementary school on Saturday after reports of a fight at the game for 7-year-olds.

Romero says the adjudicator whose calls apparently angered some coach-and-fours and mothers is 13.

He says four people involved have been quoted for disorderly behavior. Several adults seriously injured but nothing necessary care at a hospital.

The Bear Creek Junior Sports Association said Wednesday that it has zero accept for such behavior and canceled the remaining activities for both teams.

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