Coca-Cola now exists in ‘Star Wars’ canon


The brand-new Star Wars theme park, Galaxy’s Edge, is a perfectly immersive experience, going beyond the conventional Disney method of hiring performers to play popular people. Set on the planet Batuu, the common tells a particular narrative taking place between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker . It’s meant to feel like visit a frontier outpost within the Star Wars universe, occupied by different references with their own backstories and rationales. That intends it’s an official part of Star Wars canon, which introduces some interesting troubles. Namely, how do you direct the inevitable cross-contamination between Star Wars and real life?

One of the funniest specimen has got to be Coca-Cola, which now exists in the Star Wars universe. The films’ fantasy locate constructed it a rare Hollywood franchise without on-screen product placement, but there’s a limit to the number of canonically accurate snacks and beverages you can serve at a theme park. Most beings will crave familiar , non-alien food, so Disney had to figure out a route to sell Coke on Batuu.

This perfect storm of commercialism led to this ad, where the status of women steals a booze from a pair of stormtroopers. On Batuu, Coke arrives in a grenade-shaped bottle, labeled in Aurebesh symbols that examination recognizably like the Coke logo.

Fans have been poking fun at this idea on social media, noted that high-fructose corn syrup is now an official element of Star Wars canon, and that Coca-Cola now has its own entry on the obsessively-detailed Star Wars wiki, Wookieepedia.” Coca-Cola was a beverage helped at Kat Saka’s Kettle in Black Spider Outpost ,” predicts the Wookieepedia page, in classic deadpan style.( All enterings are written in past tense, because Star Wars makes residence in the past .)

One Lucasfilm creator gently proposed on Twitter that while purchasers at Galaxy’s Edge are obviously booze Coke, the canon rationale is that there’s a separate in-universe beverage that happens to be served in a crimson container, creating a distinction between canon and real life.

The Star Wars Coke bottle place feels instinctively nonsensical, and it takes a moment to realize why: it brings together the two clashing features of the Star Wars franchise. On the one mitt, this is a meticulously detailed fantasy that love enjoy passionately, which is why people care so much about what is and isn’t canon. On the other hand, it’s one of the most blatantly commercial media dealerships on countries around the world. In-universe Coke branding is a way to smooth over the link between these two knowledge, and hey, the design < em> is fairly convincing.

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