Your Google Calendar Isn’t Safe, an Eye-Controlled TV, and More News

There &# x27; s a new scam get after your Google Calendar, you can now control TVs with your eyes, and it &# x27; s time to get your smorgasbord of cell phone photos planned. Now &# x27; s the information you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today &# x27; s Headlines

A tricky defraud plants phishing associations in your schedule

You hopefully already know to avoid phishing emails … and texts … and popups … but now there &# x27; s a new neighbourhood concerned about swindles: your schedule. Scammers are sending motions of invites to Google Calendar useds that seek legitimate, except in cases where you sounds and put in your personal information, well, you know the rest. We suggest you turn off the setting that automatically computes invitations to your calendar, and don &# x27; t accept requests you don &# x27; t recognize.

Comcast now makes you control your Tv with your eyes

Comcast remotes previously have voice-control, but now the company will be rolling out machines that allow users to use their gaze like a computer mouse. To “click, ” they can either linger on a particular icon or place the device to “blink mode, ” where closing the eyes registries the click. The peculiarity is built for accessibility for those unable to operate the standard remote. It &# x27; s a big step forward for both technology and inclusivity.

Cocktail Conversation

You brush your teeth. You emptied your ears. You( hopefully) wash your hands several times a day. So why is it that we feel a couple of cool chafes of bathroom tissue does the quirk for our rear ends? While bidets haven &# x27; t become poop-ular in American culture just yet, countless prophesy they will soon. Our writer &# x27; s had one for nine months, and explains why the bidet is so life-changing .

WIRED Recommends: Google Photos Hacks

Be real with yourself: the photos on your cell phone are an absolute mess. They &# x27; re next to absurd to organize, and when you want to find that cute selfie you took three months ago, you find yourself plodding through the abyss to get there. Luckily, our senior editor put together a list of Google Photos hacks. Welcome to the good life.

More News You Can Use

Take a peek into our conversation with Messie Condo, scribe of Tidy the F-ck Up .

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