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Mayor Pete Buttgieg
Mayor Pete Buttgieg
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With the 2020 presidential hasten once heating up for Democrat, one of the most perplexing questions has been how to pronounce the refer of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Butt-i-gig? Beyoo-tee-geeg? It’s a tricky one but thankfully there’s now a helpful template to going it right and it’s in song form.

The ditty is courtesy of Aaron Nemo, a scribe at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , where Buttigieg has actually already made an appearance. It’s nice to see acts come full circle.

A longshot where reference is entered the race, Buttigieg has since produced a lot of buzz with profiles from the Washington Post , CNN, NBC, and plenty of other homes. Not that an early chatter is an indication of a future nomination; just ask Ben Carson.

But it’s hard to deny the enthusiasm around the young mayor with a funny identify and a Twitter celeb husband, especially in such a crowded field of Democratic heavyweights.

So watch the video on recite to learn how to pronounce Buttigieg because the firstly debates are just a few months away.

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