USA aim golf-clap at their celebration critics and show their steel

Carli Lloyd feted her objectives on Sunday like she was on the golf course. And while her team are creepy in strike the quality of their defence is still a mystery

In a cause that surprised no one, the US women’s national unit punched past Chile to secure a recognise in the knockout round of the Women’s World Cup. The radical stagecoach buns on, nonetheless, and the competitor against Sweden will determine the USA’s path through the rest of the tournament. Now, first or second place in the group is up for grabs. Here is what we learned from the USA’s 3-0 win on Sunday over Chile.

The Americans are having fun, naysayers be darned

With the controversy that ensued after the USWNT exuberantly celebrated all 13 goals they scored against Thailand, the Americans were a little more low-key in their fetes against Chile. After Carli Lloyd scored her first goal, she did her usual fist pump, but then followed it up with a polite, delicacy golf clap. Lloyd wasn’t sure whose original intuition it was, but Lindsey Horan told her they decided whoever scored would perform the clap.” It was recreation ,” Lloyd said.” I think it made a presentation on the sideline .”

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