Press Release: Alexandra Chalupa Attempts to Shut Down Public Meeting at Cleveland Park Library

This afternoon Alexandra Chalupa, a former DNC operative at the centre of the Paul Manafort scandal, is attempting to shut down a public alter on Bill Browder alone because I’m attending it. I was formerly discussed her collusion with the Ukrainian government on behalf of the DNC and collaboration with a jailed grinder to do resist study against the Trump campaign.

I co-host Fault Lines with Nixon& Stranahan, a radio discover on Radio Sputnik. This meeting at the Cleveland Park Library is being put together by a listener of that demo. Although I work for a Russian-owned media company in the United nations, this meeting is not being hosted by the Russian government. I is certainly not attending on behalf of the members of the Russian government.

This attempted attack on free speech by a political participate should concern correspondents, legislators, and American citizens.

I hope that the Cleveland Park Library will stand with free speech as they consider the constitutional implications of their decisions.

Media accumulates reached during me at stranahan @gmail. com.

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