Joe Morrissey is Virginia Democrats’ newest headache

( CNN) It’s been a year for Virginia Democrat.


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Who is Joe Morrissey, “youre asking”?
Well, he’s almost certainly the next Democratic government senator in Virginia’s 16 th district, where he ousted incumbent Sen. Rosalyn Dance on Tuesday night.( No Republican has filed to run for the seat in the fall .)
See, right now Republican have a very narrow 21 -1 9 bench majority in the mood Senate. Democrats believe they have a very good shot at winning back the majority of members. But see this scenario: After the elections this drop-off — Virginia votes for state agencies in odd times — Republicans control 20 sets and Democrats dominance 20 tushes. One of those 20 Democratic tushes is Morrissey, the man who the party establishment has repeatedly made clear they require good-for-nothing to do with — and who, as recently a Tuesday night, left open the question of which party he would caucus with. This comes from the Post write-up of his succes 😀 TAG 38 TT”When asked by a reporter which gathering he would caucus with, Morrissey said he was receiving announces from both Democrats and Republicans.
“‘There’s one thing that I remember Governor Northam saying in his inauguration address, ‘” he said. “‘We don’t come to the state Capitol, to Richmond, as Democrat or Republican. We come as Virginians.’ It’s true. . . . Just say that.'”
Whoa boy. Buckle up, Virginia Democrats. This move is going to get bumpy.Posted in NewsTagged , ,

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