Hybrid Ferraris! Flying Cars! And More Car News This Week

We’re a lot like you: We adore insignificant peeks into the future. This week, WIRED Transportation came various insignificant glimpses into the future. We previewed a brand-new payment system for New York City’s subways and bus, which could allow the city to, say, give you a refund if your civilize is running late. We detected the departure of air taxi startup Alaka’i Technologies, which concludes hydrogen fuel cadres will power the flying vehicles of the future. We squandered a pending patent employments to peer inside Dyson’s plans for an electric car. And we checked out Ferrari’s hybrid supercar, which should be the fastest thing to ever come out of its Maranello factory.

It’s been a week. Let’s get you caught up.


Stories you might have missed from WIRED this week

Eight oaths: Liquid-hydrogen-powered! Five-passenger! Electric! Flying car ! Four more: Hybrid! 211 mph! Ferrari ! A brand-new report finds that 7 percent of the new vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2019 came equipped with certain kinds of semiautonomous tech. So it’s disturbing that no one is sure if motorists actually understand it–or even know what to call it. Three patent applications offer insight into Dyson’s first electric car.( Yes, that’s Dyson as in Dyson the the vacuum firm .) Yeah, it’s cool that you can now pay for some New York City subway goes with your iPhone. But the coolest part of the city’s new remittance rollout could be what its does with all its brand-new transportation data.Posted in NewsTagged , , , , ,

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