A soccer referee accidentally scores a goal. And counts it.

Whoops .
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Congratulations to the referee in the Netherlands who scored a point against the Harkemase Boys football club on Saturday.

During a competitor between the Harkemase Boys and HSV Hoek in the Netherlands, the Harkemase Boys’ security were clambering to stop the Hoek offense from scoring inside the penalty box. One of the defenders tried to clear the missile away from the goal but knocked it right at the referee and the clod returned back into the goal.

After a second, the referee signaled that the goals and targets counted much to the dismay of Harkemase players.

Unfortunately for the Harkemase Boys, the reviewer realized the compensate scold. FIFA considers umpires to be part of the field of play, so balls that touch them are still in play.

The official wording from FIFA is: “If, when the ball is in play, it touches the ref … participate resumes because the referee and the assistant reviewers are integral to the match.”

Given this rule, it’s up to the player to avoid the ref even if the ref is highway closer to the goal and action than he probably should be.

This won’t be the rule for long, though. It’s changing on Saturday, June 1 — one week after this incident — so that if a ref interferes with the chunk like this, it will be translated into a drooped ball, according to ESPN’s Dale Johnson.

Luckily for the Harkemase Boys, the team still walked away with a victory.

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