TikTok parent Bytedance is reportedly working on its own smartphone

It’s been a busy couple of months for Bytedance, one of the world’s most valuable startups and the operator of globally popular video app TikTok. The Beijing-based company has continued to grow its list of apps to include the likes of work collaboration tool Lark , an instant messenger called Feiliao as well as a music streaming app, and now it appears to be taking a bold step into the hardware realm.

Bytedance is planning to develop its own smartphone, the Financial Times reported( paywalled) citing two generators. A spokesman from Bytedance declined to comment on the matter, but the rumor is hardly a astonish as smartphone pre-installs have long been a popular way for Chinese internet companies to ramp up user sizes.

There’s also need from Bytedance to carve out more consumer possession directs. After a few years of frenzied swelling, Bytedance failed to stumbled its receipt target for the first time last year amid slow-witted ad spending in China, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Some of Bytedance’s precedes include selfie app creator Meitu, which improves smartphones pre-loaded with its suite of photo journalists and recently sold this segment to Xiaomias the latter tries to capture more female users and immigrants, including Snow-owned camera app B6 12 and Bytedance’s Faceu, close on Meitu’s heels.

Others have taken a less asset-heavy approach in the early days of the Chinese internet. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent — known collectively as the BAT for their preeminence in China’s tech world — all worked on their own usage Android ROMs , which come with extra features compared to a inventory ROM pre-installed by a phone manufacturer.

Alibaba’s ambition likewise revealed in a $590 million be invested in Meizu in 2016 that ensure the eommerce being take up the challenge to develop a tailored operating system for the handset maker. More recently in March, WeChat owner Tencent teamed upwith gaming smartphone maker Razor on a number of initiatives that cover hardware.

ByteDance, TikTok’s mother busines, plans to launch a free music streaming app

There were early clues to Bytedance’s smartphone endeavor. The fellowship confirmedin January that it has acquired certain patents and some hires from telephone creator Smartisan, although it said at the time the transaction was adopted in order to” explore educational institutions business .” That was a bizarre proclamation as Smartisan’s business has little to do with education. At the very least, the tie-up bestows hardware exploitation capability on the mobile internet upstart.

Indeed, a source told the Financial Times that Bytedance founder Zhang Yiming” has long reverie of a phone with Bytedance apps pre-installed .” Nonetheless, this is tipped to be an uphill battle, at least in China where smartphone marketings are cooling and rivalry sharpens between entrenched participates like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Apple.

Bytedance has built a leg up away from home, thanks to its conglomerate of mobile apps. The fellowship is one of the few — and countless would insist the first — Chinese internet startups that manage to gain a meaningful foothold globally. TikTok has consistently topped the worldwide app position in the last handful of months, though it’s also encountered a few stumbling blocks in some of its big markets.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission imposed a penalty on TikTok for flouting children’s privacy protection law. The government of India, which has driven much of TikTok’s recent expansion, also took issue with the app to temporarily ban it on account of illegal content.

While the US market may be difficult to penetrate given Washington’s concerns around the security threat that Chinese corporations may portray, India is now horded with Chinese brands. A study done by Counterpoint found that during the first quarter, Chinese manufacturers led by Xiaomi verified a whopping 66 percentage of India’s smartphone marketplace. That means Bytedance, alongside its potential ally Smartisan, is not only up against neighbourhood rivals in India but likewise the familiar faces from its home market.

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