These ‘Game of Thrones’ houses are completely extinct

The last few occurrences of Game of Thrones experienced at the least one major live wiped out perfectly, and several others put at risk.

As the epic series reaches its climax, fans are looking for closure for references they’ve fallen in love with over eight seasons. While we will hopefully see some favorites endure to carry on their family names, more than a few houses will never hear anything from again.

With all the characters in HBO’s beloved successions, it can be hard to track how each person is connected to bigger Westerosi politics. As some reputations die, they take with them a house and name that tolerated for centuries. In the last few seasons alone, a number of significant mansions travelled dark for good. One went extinct in season 1 but was resuscitated a full seven seasons last-minute. Now are the wiped-out hoses from Game of Thrones.

Extinct’ Game of Thrones’ houses

These major rooms all show their last-place trueborn member die at some pitch in Game of Thrones’ eight-season run.

House Bolton


House Bolton led extinct at the end of season 6. When Sansa Stark liberated Ramsay Bolton’s bird-dogs on their former employer, they munched apart at the last person to carry the Bolton name. Roose Bolton learnt his death at the paws of his formerly bastard son Ramsay, who also took the lives of Wanda Bolton and their unnamed, trueborn son.

House Martell


The status of Dorne was hurled into disorder in season 6 when Ellaria Sand and three of her daughters assassinated Prince Doran Martell and his son Trystane. Following Oberon Martell’s death at the pass of the Mountain, they were the only legitimate Martells left. This left the line extinct. Ellaria’s activities threw Dorne into government commotion, though a brand-new prince has reportedly surfaced and obligation himself to Daenerys.

House Tyrell


Somehow, it was the oldest member of House Tyrell who hung on a long time. Cersei Lannister destroyed all hope for House Tyrell’s future when she kindled Margaery Tyrell at the Great Sept of Baelor, together with her friend Loras and their leader Mace. After the glows cleared, merely the Queen of Thornes remained. Though she connected armies with Daenerys at the end of season 6, Olenna too experienced her death by Lannister sides midway through season 7.

House Mormont


The ruling house of Bear Island didn’t go down without a fight. Continuously loyal to the Starks, House Mormont was one of the northern houses to refuse Stannis Baratheon’s claim to the throne. Before they was downed, the last remaining members of House Mormont fought for humanity against the Night King’s army. Ser Jorah Mormont, eternally loyal to his mistres, died saving Daenerys Targaryen from military forces of the dead in season 8. Lady Lyanna Mormont died in the same battle, taking a monstrous wight with her.

Extinct minor houses

There are too many residences in Game of Thrones to weigh. OK, that’s not entirely true–there are right around a several hundreds of them–but there are lane too many to roster. Some of these homes are actually important in Westerosi politics but have not taken as major a part in the streak. Still, each one of these now-extinct mansions was important to the events in Game of Thrones at some spot in its eight-season run.

House Baelish


Littlefinger was the only member of this short-lived house, however love bringing up that he’s dead. The conniving little rodent that was Petyr Baelish died in the season 7 finale when Sansa convicted him to demise. Arya Stark carried out the convict in a moment that derived literal claps from followers. We watched as he carried his hard-won house name with him into death.

House Karstark


Even after their betrayal of the Starks, House Karstark comprised out for a outstandingly long time. The Karstarks connected with House Bolton after Robb Stark beheaded their monarch for treason. They returned between love for various seasons. House Karstark fought for Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of the Mongrels merely to again swear fealty to the Starks. The last Karstark, Alys, died fighting for humanity against military forces of the dead.

House Umber


Another northern house with continuously changing love, House Umber stirred it all the way to season 8 before going extinct. After divulging Rickon Stark to Ramsay Bolton–ultimately leading to Rickon’s death, together with his guardian Osha–House Umber fought against the Starks in the Battle of the Rascals. The final Umber, Ned, and his workers were slaughtered by the Night King’s army at their home in Last Hearth.

House Clegane


The last-place two members of House Clegane went down together, in a cascade of stone and ignited. Though they weren’t technically a noble house–they were knights given territory, rather than lords–House Clegane has been one of the more prominent Lannister vassals in the series. The Mountain Gregor Clegane, formerly the head of the house, has technically fucking dead since season 4, but ultimately lost whatever life remained to him in the penultimate chapter of the final season. Sandor Clegane, better known as the Hound, became a favorite of countless onlookers before his end.

Houses at risk of extinction

If we are being realistic, every single house in Westeros is at risk of extinction. Some of them were barely mentioned in the show, and don’t warrant a place here. Some, like the Freys, have considered ponderous losings but still have enough maidens to conceivably resume. Others, like House Arryn, may only have one member left, but he is far from the fighting and likely to survive.

House Targaryen


There are only two Targaryens left in the world.

Robert Baratheon strove to completely wipe out the Targaryen line long before the events of Game of Thrones began. Daenerys Targaryen and her brother Viserys both survived the massacre of their family line, as did the veiled lad of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Now, that concealed son–who we know as Jon Snow–and Daenerys are the only beings with Targaryen blood left. If both of these reputations were to lose their lives, one of Westeros’ most ancient bloodlines would be eliminated forever.

House Greyjoy


Assuming Euron is dead–he’d better be–there is only one Greyjoy left.

Yara Greyjoy , now regulating from Pyke, is the last to carry her family name. The Greyjoy family has been slowly losing members–get it ?– since season 3. Yara and Theon’s father Balon was the first to go. He was slaughtered by his brother Euron in season 6, creating a power struggle between the remaining family members. Theon contributed his life to protect Bran Stark from the Night King, and a few occurrences last-minute Euron took a sword from Jaime Lannister through the bowel. With all the male members of her family gone, Yara is the final Greyjoy and sovereign of the Iron Isles.

House Stark


I know you don’t want to hear this, but the end of Game of Thrones could also mean the end of the Starks.

There are still four people who carry Stark blood–yes, Jon still counts as a Stark–but we haven’t seen the final battle yet. On top of the potential to lose at least a few more Starks in the succession finale, at least one Stark will likely never have children. Bran , now the Three-Eyed Raven, doesn’t seem likely to copulate anytime soon.

House Lannister


Some people is also available rooting for an end to all Lannisters, and they might see that dream come true.

There were too many Lannisters to count when Game of Thrones began. Through eight long seasons, this ancient house has slowly been whittled apart. Tywin Lannister died the whole way back in season 4. Lancel Lannister was shot and killedwhen Cersei destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor. Even Cersei and Jaime eventually lost their lives in an underwhelming descent of stones as the Red Keep was destroyed. Though there may be a few unmentioned Lannisters in the nations of the world, that buds Tyrion as the sole known Lannister left drift Westeros.

House Baratheon


Just a few episodes ago, we guessed House Baratheon was gone for good.

With Gendry Baratheon’s status-change, however, House Baratheon is back. The official house went extinct with the death of Robert Baratheon. His three legally accepted brats were, in fact, commodities of the incestuous concerning the relationship between Cersei Lannister and her twin Jaime. He had dozens of children through various girls, all unacknowledged mongrels. One such bastard was Gendry, whose new status as a true Baratheon restores a live almost as aged as the Targaryen dynasty.

House Tully


Catelyn Stark’s former room is hanging on by a weave. The following is, as far as we know, three Tullys left.

The combats and sellouts in Game of Thrones have been chipping away at House Tully for seasons. The grandfather of the house died back in season 3. That same season, Edmure Tully was married to Roslin Frey just before the murderou occurrences of the Red Wedding happened. Brynden the “Blackfish” Tully, Catelyn and Edmure’s uncle, lost his life to the Lannister and Frey forces-out in season 6. The only Tullys left are Edmure, his wife Roslin–who hasn’t been seen in seasons–and their unnamed child.

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