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Bang& Olufsen’s newest headphones sound enormous, but will cost you a pretty penny .
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Beoplay H9 Headphones
The Good
Pristine clanged character* Eerily gentle noise-cancellation* High-quality structure
The Bad
Mighty vacate your billfold and then some
The Bottom Line
The Beoplay H9 headphones are exactly as advertised, but the premium top draws them hard to recommend to non-enthusiasts.
[?] Mashable Score 4. 0
Cool Factor 4. 5
Learning Curve 4. 0
Performance 5. 0
Bang for the Buck 2. 0

One of the world’s biggest unfixable troubles is that it’s loud everywhere. All the scheme that the nations of the world produces can be distracting when you need to put your head down and get some use done.

That’s where noise-cancelling headphones came to see you. Antisocial as it might be, sometimes it’s nice to exactly drown out the world and blast some music of your select. I had the opportunity to spend the better part of a week with the new Beoplay H9 headphones from Bang& Olufsen, and if you can absorb the $500 financial thump, you might find something to like here.

The part that matters is great

The brand-new H9 model would be a total failure if they didn’t sound immense. That’s kind of the whole point of headphones, after all. On that figurehead, I actually can’t complain about anything the H9 does.

It’s a rapture to listen to music in the Beoplay H9.

Image: zlata ivleva/ mashable

One thing I should make clear is that I’m not an expert audiophile by any means. Sometimes I just like to blast my favorite sings without much view for subtlety. The brand-new Beoplay H9 headphones are very good for that, though; if you crave strident, these can do loud.

If you’re a more detecting listener, the H9 should be up your alley, very. Individual vocal and instrumental ingredients in vocals gleam through with an affecting amount of lucidity, at least relative to the JBL headphones and AirPods I’ve been using on a daily basis for the past two years.

There’s also a amiable, but noticeable rumble from heavy bass, which I was a fan of. Like I said, I can’t find much to gripe about on this front — these are luxury headphones, and they sound like it.

Pipe down

B& O’s active racket cancellation almost totally drowns out city noise.

Image: zlata ivleva/ mashable

B& O’s active racket deletion is going to be a major selling point of the H9 headphones, just as it’s been with previous frameworks. I didn’t notice a big ascent in either chime caliber or sound elimination between the brand-new H9 or the previous H9i model from earlier this year, but that’s fine.

It was good last-place season around and it’s good this time around, very.

There are plenty of people talking, typing, and doing interesting thing that make noise in Mashable’s office every day. The H9 headphones make it almost entirely silent when I wear them. The same knows for New York City’s noisy subway system, which was actually nearly uncomfortably quiet enough to be eerie while wearing the headphones.

It’s a nice tool to increase productivity. As a bonus, there doesn’t seem to be much resound leakage from countries outside the headphones, even with the magnitude up high-pitched. Nobody complained to me, anyway.

Odds and ends

The H9’s interpretation lives up to its price tag. They feel expensive, but also sturdy. Adjusting the length of the sides feels neatly analog rather than mechanical like some other over-the-ear headphones. In general, they’re light and comfy enough to wear on a travel rather than just being relegated to desk time.

The new expres assistant button is a nice touch, if you like expres assistants.

Image: zlata ivleva/ mashable

Metal side bodies not only seem glossy, but ply gesture-based touch sovereignties for delaying and skipping carols, adjusting work, and even turning off sound cancellation if that’s your thing.

One of the most striking brand-new hardware peculiarities is the addition of a dedicated Google Assistant button on the rear feature of the left speaker. Pairing it with a phone through the B& O portable app is easy enough, and it succeeds Siri, extremely. This isn’t accurately a mind-blowing addition, but it labors as you’d expect.

A USB-C charging port and cable jack round down the equipment. Last-place but certainly not least, the new H9 headphones have a bigger battery than the H9i did. It’s supposed to give you 25 hours of playtime with active noise elimination enabled, which is a big bonus.

Luxury aside, quality still matters

The brand-new H9 headphones( left) are meant to replace the H9i( title) exhausted earlier this year.

Image: zlata ivleva/ mashable

As you can probably tell, I like the H9 quite a bit. It’s a quality pair of headphones that manufactures my favorite music music better than any other pair of headphones I own.

That said, I can’t act like the heavy price tag really doesn’t exist. $500 is a ponderous financial loading for headphones , no matter how good they are. On the other hand, B& O is a high-end brand and anyone who browses for their commodities likely knows what they’re getting into.

I can’t ding the H9 too much for its toll on that basis, but non-audiophiles who precisely require a nice duo of headphones are probably better off examining elsewhere.

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