New Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek Series Is Coming to Amazon. Sorta

Good morning, and welcome to The Monitor, WIRED &# x27; s roundup of all the biggest news in movies, TV, music, and pop culture. What &# x27; s happening today? Well, Amazon has nabbed the international titles to the forthcoming Star Trek serial about Jean-Luc Picard &# x27; s next chapter. Too, Avengers: Endgame is still predominate the box office, and we have brand-new trailers for HBO &# x27; s Watchmen series and It Chapter Two . Enjoy!

The New Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek Series Is Coming to Amazon. Sorta

First up, some good information for Star Trek fans who live outside the US: Amazon has picked up the rights to the upcoming Jean-Luc Picard spinoff serial currently in the works. Under an agreement with CBS, new occurrences of the streak will show up on Prime Video within 24 hours after they breeze on the CBS All Access streaming service stateside. The still-untitled new succession will feature Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role and will likewise peculiarity The Newsroom &# x27; s Alison Pill and Penny Dreadful &# x27; s Harry Treadaway.

Detective Pikachu Can &# x27; t Beat the Avengers

In unsurprising news, Avengers: Endgame is still the biggest concept at the multiplex. This past weekend, it retained its No. 1 recognize at the US box office. Detective Pikachu , however, did come somewhat close to tottering its reign. Endgame brought in $61.3 million domestically, compared to Pikachu ’s $58 million. Endgame has induced $2.485 billion worldwide, so it still has the all-time box office champ– Avatar –in its sights.

Here’s a New Trailer for HBO &# x27; s Watchmen

So, HBO has a new Watchmen lines coming. Like the Zack Snyder movie of same list, it &# x27; s based on the groundbreaking Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic romance, but too promises to “break brand-new grind of its own.” Devotee will find out if that &# x27; s true in the fall.

OK, One More: Here &# x27; s a Trailer for It Chapter Two

Just in case that Watchmen trailer wasn &# x27; t chilling fairly, now &# x27; s a brand-new trailer of It Chapter Two that &# x27; ll likely determine your scalp creep. Frankly, the 2017 movie based on Stephen King &# x27; s book was pretty frightening, but this one–featuring the Losers &# x27; Club all grown up–looks downright horrifying.

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