How Donald Trump Jr. and Richard Burr hit an impasse

( CNN) Donald Trump Jr. is balking at answering more questionsabout the June 2016 Trump Tower meetingand the pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow project, two beginnings familiar with the matter told CNN, placing the stage for a clash with the Republican-led committee amid persuade from both parties over the subpoena to President Donald Trump’s eldest son.

But with Trump Jr. and his allies now mounting a vehement pushback against Burr, the GOP chairman could soon be forced to make a difficult decision if Trump Jr. refuses the subpoena: whether to hold Trump Jr. in contempt and gamble farther GOP backlash or give the President’s eldest son a pass and provoke outcries of favoritism.
The two sides have had discussions since story of the subpoena broke last week, though it remains unclear if a lot can be achieved. One person familiar with the discussions said it’s possible Trump Jr. could agree to provide written answers, short of returning to testify in person, although the committee has previously spurned receiving banked replies from Trump Jr.

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