Around Eurovision in 20 lyrics

Image copyright Image caption Clockwise from top left: Tamta, Bilal Hassani, Sarah McTernan, Tulia, Hatari

Icelandic punk? Polish tribe? Norwegian … joik? It is currently be Eurovision, back again to bring another musical smorgasbord into our living rooms.

Forty-one people are competing in Tel Aviv, though after two semi-finals this is gonna be whittled down to 26 in time for Saturday’s grand final.

This year has not been without dispute, what with Ukraine withdrawing from the challenger and questions being raised over Israel’s suitability as multitude.

Yet that will not stop millions of love gathering in front of their televisions this weekend for their annual secure of glamour, kitsch and spectacle.

We’ve had a listen to this year’s selected anthems and elected 20 that stand out from the pack.