Democrats Like Pete Buttigieg Who Ignore Identity Politics Are Surrendering Ground to White Supremacists

As the 2020 Democratic battlefield completes with moderate white-hot male campaigners, we’re again hearing the calls to throw identity politics aside in favor of a focus on financial justice. On Saturday, Democratic competitor Pete Buttigieg warned of the “divisive” effects of identity politics, arguing that the lines between different name groups in the country have created a “crisis of belonging” that Donald Trump has capitalise on. In meditate on the” very real walls that we are putting up ,” Buttigieg seems to suggest, effectively, that the most productive way forward is to limit our focus on race, sexuality, and ethnicity on the road leading to 2020.

But supporting female candidates and candidates of complexion is not a backburner matter, a “nice-to-have” once we get past Trump. If we are going to get serious about fighting bigotry and the political agenda bigotry gasolines , not only one male who’s benefited from it, we need to commit to leaders whose highly lives negate what white-hot nationalists stand for. Moreover this primary must confront the lie that the left’s commitment to fighting bigotry has come at the expense of serious work uniting beings in the battle against financial difference, a sentiment that gained steam after Trump’s election with Mark Lilla’s appeal for ” The End of Identity Liberalism .”

The reality is, “theres nothing” such event as identity politics; the work of ending racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and other personnels of hate is just plain politics. That’s because throughout our country’s history, especially in the last century, conservative political leaders have succeeded in advancing an plan that widens the spread of financial difference in part by exploiting the racisms and suspicions of low-income white voters, apologizing their fanaticism in an arbitrary sense of white dignity.

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