Your next taxi driver might be a robot

Jam out in a self-driving automobile .
Image: waymo

Waymo One now causes you stream music through screens in its self-driving gondolas.

Those pitches are provided by Google Play Music, the Spotify competitor that offers millions of anthems for $9.99 a few months. It’s perfect corporate synergy: Waymo and Google have the same mother companionship, Alphabet.

Currently, the self-driving taxi service is only offered in the Phoenix area. One of those useds affixed about their experience on Reddit, saying they had eight different playlist options and a Google-esque “I’m feeling lucky” button to play a random smorgasbord of vocals. They did feel luck, and resolved up with 25 instants of Lorde, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, and other masters.

Aside from the playlists, the backseat screens merely show some basic maps and journey progress. You can skip through roads and adjust the loudnes, just in case your favorite song comes on. Be neat, though: the entire auto can examine the music, including the safety operators who sit in front of the company’s Chrysler Pacificas.

This is not the first time a ride-hailing busines has let you stream adjusts during your move. Back in 2016, Uber innovated partnerships with Pandora and Spotify. We checked with Uber to hear about what happened to that peculiarity but it looks like it’s long gone.

Waymo also recently shared some details about its navigation and detection plan, which recognizes and then predicts what pedestrians, an organization of school children, bicyclists, and other vehicles are going to do. Above a Waymo car lets a bicycle pass when the bike footpath is blocked.

Maybe now you’ll feel safe fairly for that Lorde car karaoke session.

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