Steve King says backlash to white nationalism comment was like what Jesus went through

At a town hall meeting in Cherokee, Iowa on Tuesday, Republican Rep. Steve King likened himself to Jesus Christ, according to the Sioux City Journal .

King, who represents Iowa’s 4th region, told a gathering of about 30,” For all that I’ve been through — and it seems even strange for me to say it–but I am at a specific armistice, and it is because of a lot of prayers for me .”

” And, when I have to step down to the floor of the House of Representatives, and look up at those 400 -and-some accusers, you know we just transferred through Easter and Christ’s passion, and I have better insight into what He went through for us partly because of that know-how .”

King was stripped of his committee undertakings in January of this year. He has a history of originating racist and white supremacist evidences, but the tipping time came when King told the New York Times,” White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization–how did that lingo become offensive ?”

King was addressing remarks from the Rev. Pinky Person, who said,” My concern is how Christianity is genuinely being persecuted. It is starting right here in the United States .”

King formed the comments just after many Christians celebrated the Easter holiday and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In February, King requested a gathering assembled at a town hall to pray that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy( R-Calif .) restore his committee namings. King claimed he was misquoted in the Times, and said McCarthy needed to” separate his self-love from this matter and look at it objectively .”

H/ T Sioux City Journal

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