VCs bet on cannabis vaping, ED meds and mobile fertility clinics

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This week was a bit of a reunion with Kate and Alex on as usual, with the add-on of Extra Crunch denizen extraordinaire Danny Crichton. Danny, you may recall, has been a semi-regular Equity co-host over the past year.

As Kate clarifies up front, Equity is out a day early the coming week due to the Big TechCrunch Robotics Affair in Berkeley today. We’ll be back on Friday with IPO news regarding Zoom and Pinterest, and we can’t wait.

OK, all that sorted, what did we talk about? Alex wanted to talk about some marketplace signals that he speaks as buoyant. Whatever went wrong following the conclusion of 2018 has mended over, he fantasizes, because there have been a whole lot of supergiant risk capital rounds and some other stuff.

Next, we sacrificed an example of one of those supergiant rounds in the works. The reported Pax round,which could applied $400 million into the cannabis vaping company, plots us, extremely because Pax is the corporate sibling of JUUL, the now-famous e-cigarette fellowship what sold precisely over a third of itself for virtually $13 billion last year. A certainly staggering deal.

Then we turned to Brex, the fintech startup that was back in the news the coming week. Why? Because it fostered a $100 million debt round as startups of that sort do. Brex provisions a charge card seen specific for startups that require no personal-guarantee. Yeah, risky, we are familiar with. We talked about that risk and Brex’s plan to target Fortune 500 business in the future.

Rounds for Ro, Kindbody and Carrot Fertility acquired it a hectic week for healthtech, too. Ro is raising at a $500 million valuation to support its three digital health symbols: Roman, Rory and Zero. Meanwhile, a pair of birthrate startups, Kindbody and Carrot, brought in $15 million and $11 million, respectively.

With Danny back on the display, we gave our reach and discussed the latest in the chipping and sensor macrocosm. NXP, fresh off a failed, multi-billion-dollar depart to Qualcomm, put money into Hawkeye Technology, a China-based firm working in the car sensor room. Equity’s regular legions largely gestured as Danny declined a lot of knowledge.

All that and we had some recreation. We’ll be back before you know it.

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