HQ Trivia replaces Quiz Daddy Scott Rogowsky

Quiz Khalifa aka Host Malone aka Trap Trebek aka HQ Trivia’s Scott Rogowsky has been pushed out of the live mobile gaming startup. The two divide due to disagreements about Rogowsky attempting to take a second full-time position hosting plays streaming service DAZN’s baseball show ChangeUp while moving to only hosting HQ on weekends, TMZ first reported. HQ wanted someone committed to their show.

Now HQ co-founder and CEO Rus Yusupov confirms to TechCrunch that Rogowsky will no longer host HQ Trivia. He tells me that the company operated a SurveyMonkey survey of its top actors and they voted that former patron legion Matt Richards rated higher than Rogowsky. Yusupov says HQ is elicited to have Richards as its brand-new prime time host. It’s also putting out offers to more fame guests to legion for a few proves, a few weeks or even a whole season of one of its time slots.

HQ Trivia’s new emcee Matt Richards

The departure could still shake HQ’s brand since Rogowsky had become the de facto face of the company. But he was also prone to talking a good deal on the air and promoting himself, sometimes in ways that felt agitating from the game. Rogowsky has also been using HQ’s brand to further his stand-up slapstick job, splashing its logo on advertising for his demonstrates like this one below at a casino where” The centerpiece is a live trivia competition ,” he told WPTV5.

[ Update: Rogowsky has since commented on his departure via tweetstorm. He thanked the team and witness for their subsistence but didn’t mention the startup’s founders, confirmed his ChangeUp gig led to leaving HQ, and threw a dig at the company observing “I wasn’t given the courtesy of a departure show.”]

Rogowsky also issued TechCrunch this statement 😛 TAGEND

” Nothing in my decade-plus amusement busines has entailed more to me personally and professionally than my collaboration with HQ. I am tremendously grateful to the talented team of technologists, novelists, animators and makes at Intermedia Labs who helped me flourish the show into the international phenomenon it became, and above all, I will forever be appreciative for the millions of HQties around the world who will always accommodate a special residence in my mind. While the decision to leave HQ was a difficult one, I am delighted to begin this next chapter in my job with the amazing parties at MLB and DAZN. If you miss me on HQ, you can now get three hours of me every weeknight watching ChangeUp on DAZN .”

TechCrunch had predicted that Rogowsky might depart if he wasn’t accurately compensated with equity in HQ Trivia that would only vest and pay him fund if he stuck around. The damage caused to HQ could deteriorate if he’s scooped up by Facebook, Snapchat or another tech company to build out their own live video gaming shows.

Rogowsky exercised HQ Trivia labelling to help his own in-person slapstick and trivia shows

HQ Trivia provided this statement on Rogowsky’s exit 😛 TAGEND

We continue to build an incredible fellowship at HQ Trivia, from reaping 100 000 participates to the platform daily, to increasing the size of the accolade, to enticing strong endowment. We’ve come a long way since Scott Rogowsky’s first trivia game and we’re grateful for everything he’s done for the platform. This is a team that creates makes for knack to certainly shine–we’re just getting started at HQ Trivia, and as he makes his next move, want to get take a minute to thank him for be members of our journey.

Yusupov tells me he’s agitated about exploring brand-new multitudes , noting further that Richards is a person of hue who creates more diversity to HQ’s lineup. Richards is a stand-up comic who has appeared on CBS’ 2 Broke Girls, Nickelodeon’s School of Rock and was a voice-over legion for game show Trivial Takedown on FUSE. Yusupov says the team feels jazzed about the new artistic opportunities beyond Rogowsky, though the CEO says he increases all that its former legion contributed.

Richards will have the tall project of an attempt to revive HQ’s popularity. It descended the app collect plots to become the No. 3 top tournament and No. 6 overall app in January 2018, and peaked at 2.38 million concurrent actors in March 2018. But it’s been on a steady reject since, falling to the No. 585 overall app in August, and it slipped out of the top 1,500 last month, according to App Annie. HQ Trivia was invested more than 160,000 terms last month on iOS and Android, with approximately $200,000 in in-app acquire receipt, according to Sensor Tower. But that’s just 8 percent as countless downloads as the 1.97 million brand-new installs HQ went in March 2018.

Exhaustion with the game format, so many winners splitting prizes to just a few dollars per conqueror and laggy brooks have all driven apart musicians. The foreword of a brand-new Wheel of Fortune-style HQ Words game in August hasn’t stopped the deteriorate. And the tragic death of HQ co-founder and former CEO Colin Kroll may have impeded efforts to turn things around. There’s one tonne of distres on the company after it grew $23 million, including a $15 million round at a $100 million valuation.

Even if HQ Trivia fades from the zeitgeist, it and Rogowsky will have inspired a new wave of innovation in what it means to play with our phones.

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