New Brexit Party gets its domain claimed by pro-Remain group

Nigel Farage should’ve checked his to-do register .
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Listen, it’s hard launching a brand-new registered political party. There’s a lot of substance to remember and a to-do register the duration of your weapon.

But, if there’s one thing that should be moderately high up on that schedule, it’s claiming the. com subject.

Oops-a-daisy, looks like Nigel Farage forgot to complete this rather crucial step on his to-do list when he propelled his new Brexit Party — a new Eurosceptic, pro-Leave political party.

Unfortunately for ex-UKIP leader Farage, a pro-Remain group has claimed the domain, and it’s squandering the website to send a content that diverges from the new party’s manifesto.

Here’s what you’ll see if you go to the website 😛 TAGEND

Richard from Led By Donkeys the pro-Remain group behind the domain debacle told Mashable why the group chose to buy up the domain.

“When we examined he’d neglected to cross-file the domain for his new gathering we thought we’d have a bit of recreation, ” Richard continued. “But there’s too a serious theme. We need to vote in the European elections because every vote for another party is a vote against Farage.”

At a launch contest in Coventry, UK, Farage said the European elections are the “first step” for the brand-new party. The UK is expected to hold European Parliament referendums at the end of May after Prime Minister Theresa May obtained a Brexit delay until Oct. 31. European elections take place so voters in EU given member state can appoint MEPs, or Members of the European parliament elections.

Looks like Farage might have found a workaround for his land difficulty. Since the. com address is made, the Brexit Party has opted for a .org URL .

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