Bernie Sanders Fights Back Against Criticism Over his Newfound Wealth

Bernie Sanders is not rationalizing for his newfound asset.

The presidential campaigner told partisans in Gary, Indiana, on Saturday:” I didn &# x27; t know that it was a crime to write a good book, which turned out to be a best-seller .”

Sanders has come into a brand-new income bracket mainly through sales of his 2016 bible Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In , where the senator shares fibs from his underdog 2016 presidential campaign.

The book items Sanders &# x27;” progressive fiscal, environmental, ethnic, and social right schedule ,” an plan that has made the book &# x27; s success–and Sanders profit off that success–a sticking point.

The criticism started when Sanders admitted that he is now a millionaire earlier the coming week, while naming he plans to liberation a decade of his tax returns before April 15 — after dragging his hoofs over their secrete. His expedition hurriedly emphasized that his program scaffold, which is highly critical of billionaires and organizations, has not changed as a result.

” My thought has all along been that we need a progressive tax system which requires that the wealthiest beings in this country finally start paying their fair share of taxes ,” Sanders said.” If I make a lot of money, you make a lot of fund, that is something that I imagine .”

Sanders &# x27; campaign overseer Faiz Shakir defended his candidate, reiterating that the new income has not abated his commitment to fighting social inequality.

” The happening that he is somebody who has personally is beneficial to that opportunity is something that he feels should be a shared opportunity with everybody else ,” Shakir told CNN.” He &# x27; s made some money off a bible. And I think that job opportunities that he has had is melting for so many others. He considered it important that strongly … There &# x27; s nothing about any of these tax returns or the money or anything that &# x27; ll come out that &# x27; ll change that fundamental fact one fragment .”

This week, ThinkProgress, a progressive word website, alleged in a video that Sanders had only started striving his wealth judgment higher. The video argued that the senator was now sending his ire at billionaires — instead of his fellow millionaires.

Sanders &# x27; high-wire achievement of fighting for the underclasses while profiting off of that fighting is nothing new to favourite politicians. But the senator has nonetheless made heat from many who otherwise patronize his cause.

” I don &# x27; t apologize for writing a volume that was amount three on the New York Times best seller, translated into five or six languages and that &# x27; s that ,” Sanders said.

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