Don’t nuke her, bro! Rep. Eric Swalwell plays tough guy with Tomi Lahren over ‘gun safety’

As Twitchy reported Thursday, utterance is that Rep. Eric Swalwell, whom you might have pictured on cable TV for the past two years propagandizing the Russian collusion narrative, is guiding for director alongside every other Democrat in politics, and the focus of his expedition is going to be on making artilleries and affecting the NRA.

The Atlantic had pointed out that Swalwell was “running for chairperson on grease-gun refuge, ” but that’s absolutely no truth to the rumors — if he wanted to promote handgun safety, he’d urge citizens to buy guns and make grease-gun security categorizes put forward by the NRA. When the chap pulls the nuclear weapons card at the first signaling of pushback against artillery expropriation, it’s pretty clear what “gun safety” means to him.

The idea of Swalwell operating for director is comical, so while we don’t always shared with Tomi Lahren, we are going to be able excuse her for laughable.