Talking the future of media with Northzones Pr-Jrgen Prson

We live in theGaming and podcasting could be next. Where are the startup opportunities in this alteration, and in the next alteration that will occur?

I sat down with Par-Jorgen “PJ” Parson, a partner at European undertaking house Northzone, to discuss this at SLUSH this past winter. Parson- a Swede who now extends Northzone’s office in NYC- resulted the top early-stage investor in Spotify and resulted the $ 35 million Series C in $45/ month athletics streaming service fuboTV( which has roughly 250,000 subscribers ).

In the record below, we dive into the core financing thesis that has navigated him for 20 times, how he went from leading a fish distribution to running a VC firm, his best rehearses for effective timber assembles and VC-entrepreneur relations, and its evaluation of the big-hearted social stages, AR/ VR, expression boundaries, blockchain, and the territory of media. It has been edited for period and clarity.

From Fish to VC

Eric Peckham :

Northzone isn’t your first VC firm — Back in 1998, you procreated Cell Ventures, which was more of a holding company or studio pattern. What was your playbook then ?

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