Study says some self-driving car systems have trouble detecting darker skin

Look, it’s a self-driving VW !
Image: Volkswagen/ Friso Gentsch

Germany is taking on the U.S.( and China ) when it comes to autonomous vehicles. On Wednesday, Volkswagen and Hamburg told a self-driving pilot program on the city’s streets.

While countless municipalities and states in the U.S. have been experimenting robo-cars for years, Germany merely recently approved researching. Munich has been an autonomous hot spot thanks to BMW’s research center, but now a practically 2-mile elongate of Hamburg will allow a sail of five working e-Golf vehicles to drive wall street.

There is likely to be safety motorists behind the rotation testing out Level 4 automation, which is almost amply autonomous, but still requires a human in some rare instances, such as unplanned street closes or severe weather.

The pilot is part of a bigger metropolitan measure center Hamburg is hoping to finish by 2020. That “test track” will include 5.5 miles of united superhighways, signifying the self-driving autoes will be able to communicate with traffic light and other municipality infrastructure. Hamburg city officials said 37 traffic lights and a connect will send information out.

Volkswagen exams autonomous driven by Hamburg.

Image: Volkswagen/ Friso Gentsch

The VW vehicles in Hamburg are clearly tagged as self-driving autoes and perceptibly have smelling gear on the roof and around the car including 11 light-detecting LiDAR sensors, seven radar sensors, and 14 cameras. The gondolas give 5 gigabytes of data per minute while driving.

This isn’t the first time VW has put its autonomous vehicles to the test. It previously researches in California and other parts of Germany — and has plans to enter China. The firm is investing $50 billion in “new” car tech like electric cars and, of course, self-driving methods.

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said in an interview last year that the Germany car maker is “determined to catch up” to heavy-hitters like Google’s Waymo, which once operates a self-driving taxi assistance near Phoenix, Arizona.

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