Inside a Ferrari Hypercar, Lyfts IPO, and More Car News

Let the unicorn feast begin! On Friday, ride-hail galumphed onto the markets with the opening day of trading for little bro Lyft.( Large-scale antagonist Uber is apparently on its room to its own IPO .) Lyft had a strong first day of trading, reaching a share price increase of $87.24 before slipping to $78.29 at market’s close. Now the big question, which will answer itself in the weeks and months to come: How do investors feel about their chances of the mustachioed company actually making money? How about the gig economy at large?

Still, plenty of transport things were happening off Wall Street this week. We took a look at the current state of automotive software safety standards and talked to people wondering how self-driving cars might fit into the combination. We reminded ourselves that self-driving cars aren’t going to be driverless for a while and about the role of remote operators in the ecosystem. We drove a Jeep Gladiator, the company’s adorably tough mini-pickup.

It’s been a week: Let’s get you caught up.


Stories you might have missed from WIRED this week

Lose yourself inside the afterburner of a General Electric J7 9 axial-flow turbojet engine, which won’t ability an aircraft. It’ll be used in a racing car, to assistance operator Jessi Combs take a shot at the womens’ land-speed record.

Editor Alex Davies takes a ride in a remotely operated gondola, a little-discussed but vital bridge between the humdrum human-driven cars of today and the totally driverless ones of the future.

Inside the effort to create new engineering safety standards for self-driving gondolas, which might one day amount to a kind of driver’s test for robots.

Five charts to help you understand the Lyft IPO–and what lies ahead.

Could battery-swapping autorickshaws compile electrical vehicles more viable for India?

What’s it like to drive a Jeep Gladiator pickup truck? Kinda like travelling a very excited bird-dog as he bounds down the stairs.

Ferrari spent a merely four years building this single-issue P8 0/ C hypercar for one customer.

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