Trump Even Tried to Cheat Tiger Woods at Golf, Says Rick Reilly, Author of Commander-in-Cheat

President Trump, who notoriously golfs in his “spare” period away and owns 17 golf courses the world over, allegedly even try our best to cheater against Tiger Woods, sportswriter Rick Reilly claims in his new bible Commander-in-Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump .

” He chisels like a mafia accountant ,” Reilly told John Berman, of CNN’s New Day .” He chisels crazy. He misleads whether you’re watching or not. He chisels whether you like it or not. He tried to mislead Tiger Woods in a competition …[ Trump] thumps two lumps in the liquid, doesn’t count either, and pretends that he roughly held Tiger Woods .”

The sportswriter’s Seusslike checklist simply cracks the surface of his book’s sickening and colorful details that describe a golfer who, had he not owned the societies, would have been suspended from continue or kicked off courses years ago. Among the worst offenses: having Secret Service workers reportedly move his chunks out of difficult lies–or just going ahead and kicking them himself to improve his lucks. In the book, caddies at Winged Foot in New York are said to refer to the president as “Pele” because, like the Brazilian soccer fiction, he knocks the clod so much.

In his reporting, Reilly interviewed two of Trump’s golf-world aides, including his social-media director Dan Scavino and an ex-Marine identified only as A.J. Reilly’s book tells the legend of when Trump’s caddie leant someone in a chokehold for speaking against the boss–and took the blamed when the commander-in-chief hit himself in the face with a golf club.

” It doesn’t matter who it is,[ Trump] has to be the champion ,” Reilly continued.” What really bothers me is that he told people on the campaign trail–I don’t know if you remember this–but he said’ I’m a winner, I’ve got 18 association championships and that’s against the most wonderful actors in the fraternity .’ But I knew he was lying because he told me how he does it: Whenever he opens a brand-new trend that he buys, he plays the first round by himself and announces that the fraternity championship. He throws his word on the wall .”

” He really is necessary for make, I’ve never seen anything fairly like it ,” Reilly computed.” What it divulges about him is “hes to” winning no matter what. It’s not that he adoration golf, he only desires hitting you .”

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